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Fallow Deer Herd Dispersal
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yooper89 03-Apr-19
drycreek 03-Apr-19
lamb 03-Apr-19
Reggiezpop 03-Apr-19
Thornton 04-Apr-19
Treeline 05-Apr-19
Buffalo1 05-Apr-19
HUNT MAN 05-Apr-19
INbowdude 05-Apr-19

Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
We have a herd of fallow deer that we need to remove from a pasture so we are offering them at a greatly reduced price. They will be available until all have been shot and we can't hold any of them. We have a guest house available for you to stay in and this is a DIY deal. The only caveat is that you will need to hunt them with a rifle as they are too spooky to get near with archery equipment. There are only two branch-antlered bucks and the rest are does or spikes. You can call or text us to schedule a date. There is no limit on how many you can take. Call or text us to schedule a date. The two bucks are $850 each and the rest are $295.

From: yooper89
If I didn't have a kid due next month I would love to come down. However, wife would not be thrilled if I was throwing money around like that.

From: drycreek
They're white, aughta be able to see them well, even with my eyes ! Good luck getting rid of them.

From: lamb
could you shoot them out of a tree stand with a bow? seems like lots of trees there

From: Reggiezpop
Where are you located?

No sir. They won't come within 70 yards if they know someone's in their pasture. Rifle only.

South Central Oklahoma.

From: Thornton
They look like goats in a pen

From: Treeline
Fallow deer are usually really good eats, except the bucks in the rut.

My folks have a bunch and they are pretty docile. Surprised that you can’t get close enough on these to kill them with a bow.

Would think that bait and a pop up or tree stand would be very effective.

Nope, not in this situation. We have several reasons I don't want to go into here. This is not a hunt on our hunting ranch, this is a "clear out the livestock pasture" operation. That's why the prices are so low. -Cheryl

From: Buffalo1
"Steal of a deal" for somebody !!

I will kill them all for 1472.23!! Sounds fun. Hunt

From: INbowdude
Dang, I wished this would have happened during my Spring Break. Maybe Huntress can write me an excuse to my Principal and I can miss some work?

I think we can arrange that Mike! We still have one buck left and he still has his antlers....

Both bucks have been taken but we still have several does and spikes left for anyone interested in some excellent table fare.

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