Rolling Duffel Recommendation?
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From: Mertyman

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I know the Badlands Terra Glide and the William-Joseph Terrestrial bags have been discussed on here and have received great reviews. I can't seem to find either of them in stock anywhere. What would be another good option? Does anyone have any experience with the Eddie Bauer one in the link? With their 50% off sale right now the price is definitely attractive. However, I'm all ears on recommendations.

From: bad karma
I have an 8600 cu in roller from LL Bean that is more than ten years old, and in perfect shape. No experience with Eddie Bauer.

From: huntinelk
I am looking for another rolling duffle case too. Sitka Nomad is another option, looks like it would fit longer bows than the Terraglide. There has also been a Cabelas brand roller that works too, but that may be discontinued too.

From: Kurt
I really like my Cabelas Ripcord XL rolling duffel. It is very large and easily holds two bows in a soft case (one is 35" long axle to axle), my Kifaru Reckoning backpack, Muck Boots, all my hunting clothes for a +week-long hunt (padding), etc. I've had up to 70#s in it on a flight in Northern Canada where it didn't matter, but typically hold it to under 50#s and haven't had any issues with the Canadian airlines. The Ripcord weighs around 9#s empty.

It was a decent price too...$159 the last time I checked....and nearly free with the Cabela points I was using up.

From: Trial153
My wife bought new luggage last fall, the bill looked like I established an endowment for the arts. I used my sika nomad for most hunting travel and so far I haven't been dinged for over sized, however I ma sure that will change. I am hoping that they make changes to to comply with the airline standards., Any way I am due for a midsize roller and I had my hands on the mystery ranch mission in the small size, I liked it enough that I will be ordering one in the mid and large size also.

From: Rocky D
Osprey makes some great rollers and a great warranty.

For a short bow the badlands. For a little longer ATA the Elevation Jetstream.

From: Beendare
I've got the Nomad, its held up well.

Super light which is why I bought it when the baggage restrictions went in....I can pack that with my bow in a soft case in the bottom and then another 25#+ of gear.

Elevation Jetstream is not light. Dividers and straps can be removed. But it’s a large relatively heavy case. More for target bows.

From: TreeWalker
LL Bean and pay to get your First Name or Initials on it. I went with dark green. Have two large rollers from LL Bean now as the first is about toast after a decade of rough handlings. I can fit my hiking sticks, Mystery ranch 6500 backpack, tripod, clothes, cleaning kit, etc. The cinch straps are anchored well and heavy duty.

From: LaGriz
Have owned a Cabela's drop-bottom rolling duffle for several years. Purchased primarily to handle a airline approved shotgun case that fits in the drop bottom. This case can accommodate most any of my big game rifles with the stock removed. I liked the Idea of the rifle case being inside the luggage and out of site. My Pre-64 M70 Featherweight (jewel) in .358 Win with a Leica Scope fits well in the case along with binos, headlamp, and a few knives. Ammo goes in a separate checked luggage. With the rifle case loaded as above, I still can put another 26# of gear and keep the weight under 50#. On an archer trip, I put and arrow box, and 2 takedown bows, with lots of remaining capacity for boots and other gear. Haven't flown in a good while as we have been driving on every out-of-state hunt the last several years. It's worked pretty well for me so far. Lagriz

sitka nomad has worked well. can fit lots of gear and longer ata bows.

From: shane
I have been looking for a rolling duffle bag as well, I found this Ogio bag. It looks well build and fairly large, what do y'all think?

From: Capra
The Nomad is great, for its size it does not weigh much.

I have traveled internationally with it and still have not paid oversize, just make sure you hit the correct weight.

From: Capra
Also, My SKB rigid Bow case is a tank. You cant take some clothes with your bow but that is it.

I travel with both, however, I am starting to think two Nomads would be better, But unless you take a back up bow everywhere. it would be a nail biter at the baggage claim.

From: TEmbry
I have flown probably 50 times by now with my Cabelas drop bottom rolling duffle. I like it so much that when I had a flat spot worn in the wheel from use/damage in transit... I bought a luggage wheel replacement kit and tore it apart to insert new wheels and keep it rolling.

From: jtelarkin08
I went by academy the other day and bought a rolling baseball bag duffle for my upcoming New Zealand trip.. It has double zippers so you can zip tie them together and it is SUPER LIGHT... It is also long enough to put a arrow tube in it..

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