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Olympic Style Recurve Shooting
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I believe since this is archery related, this would be okay to post. I am very interested in getting involved in this style of shooting, for the summer. I have reached out at leatherwall, but only was able to get one response, but still not much, in the way of getting at equipment etc....

I have called over a dozen clubs in Wisconsin, and have had no luck. No archery shops either were of any help, since all they sell is hunting bows, and xbows.

I was told to go to some shoot dates for NFAA, and will do that, to try and get some assistance in where to get equipment etc.....

Is anyone here involved in this style of shooting? Are there any forums that you know, that cover this, etc...... I know I can order from Lancaster, but have no idea of what I would need, or what would be a good fit......

To add to all of this I shoot left handed............ anyone have any older style equipment, that you want to sell, that you do not use anymore?

Being in Wisconsin, any suggestions of where I might go? Thanks

From: Highlife
Reach out to Chicago bowhunters or kishwakee field archers. They may be able to send or help you in the right direction.

Check on the “other” forum AT -“archerytalk” as it tends to have more target shooters

From: Tonybear61
We had a kid in our neighborhood(Jeremy Cusik) who was training with the Olympic archers in Chula Vista CA. News articles 2-3 years ago said something about NFAA too. As I recall world Championships in 2019 is where it all comes together. Unfortunately I don't recall where his career went, probably about 25 now. Maybe in 2020??.

This article might help.

thank you so far

as luck would have it, met a tournament shooter on line.... He said the best bang for my buck, would to order thru Lancaster, and work on a set up,,,, also before use you can ship, back riser if it does not fit.. He also said they have incredible tech help, and I could easily get in a nice set up for under 300....

From: SteveBNY
Look for "limbwalker" on the LW. Also tradtalk is a good place

thanks Steve

From: Kodiak
Yeah, I'd pm Limbwalker. He made the Olympic archery team awhile back.

From: c3
Definitely check out the archery talk 'everything left handed' classifieds and the AT FITA target archery sections. That's where most of the olympic recurve activity is.

I shot left handed recurve for quite a number of years competitively. It's an awesome game. Even qualified for a few world cups and got one bronze team medal with Vic Wunderle and Brady Ellison in Varese Italy in 2007. I still shoot my target recurve all the time, just not competing regularly. It's a pretty big commitment to go all in and do all the USAT tournaments around the country.

Feel free to pm me anytime and just remember, this game can be a giant roller coaster and you need to have pretty thick skin mentally when the wheels come off and there doesn't seem to be much light at the end of the tunnel. If you enjoy the road to getting to be the best you can be, it will be super rewarding.

Cheers, Pete

thanks I will do so,,,,,

From: midwest
Dang, Pete, had no idea. That's awesome!

From: Lucas
I will second the TradTalk forum, though it seems most of the guys there are more interested in Barebow than Olympic Recurve.

From: Boris
Take a look at Golden Grain Archery in Sharpsville, Pa.

From: cch
Archery Talk has a FITA section and good info there.

From: Shawn
Just call Lancaster, tell them you do not want to spend a fortune and would like to get into an Olympic style rig. A 25" ilf riser can be had for around 150 bucks a set of decent limbs for around 100 sight, rest, stabilizer, counter weights. You can get a very servicable set up for around $500 or so. Remember you do not have to go over board to start. Remember even the Olympic guys shoot cheap rests, some like a 6 dollar rest. See if ya like it first before dropping 2 grand on a set up. Shawn

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