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Ken Moody Safaris's Link

From: M.Pauls
Not the best video to watch but it sure is funny and true!

From: kota-man
That's hilarious...

From: leftee
Fantastic and so true!

From: dakotaduner
That's the best still laughing

From: Scoot
Haha "pro" is a pretty worthless term these days.

From: PECO
Love this!

From: Iowa_Archer
LOLOLOL. That cracked me up. Good one.

Now that’s funny. Might be a little close to the bone for some. The

From: drycreek
And THAT is why I'm not on TexasFishingForum ! :-)

From: JTV
Sounds like some of the "pros" that visit here and over on AT at times ....

From: T Mac
Good stuff

From: elkster
Sharp wit. Might be painful to a few.

From: x-man
You could easily insert Archerytalk in there. So true indeed. THE reason I quit AT several years ago.

We typically average 1,000 or more scorecards at our anual MSAA state indoor shoot, and I would guess that at least 40% of the men are wearing a "Pro-Staff" shirt. Yet most of the guys on the podium at the end of the day are in plain T-shirts or shirts representing their local club.

From: bentshaft
So true.

From: Grubby
I ran into a guy in Wisconsin a few years back, had a new Chevy truck with a full wrap and every sticker ever printed. I was talking to him and he admitted it was his second year bow hunting and he had yet to kill a deer. He had several prostaff deals though .

Sounds like some guys that wear a certain popular camo too.

From: M.Pauls
I once ran into a high school acquaintance who knew I hunted, so he led the conversation there, where he proceeded to tell me that he was just “getting into it” with a couple buddies of his. He explained how he just needed some sponsors now. I almost threw up in my mouth

From: BTM
Too funny, Ken! If anyone has gun, hunting, or bow equivalents of that video, please post.

From: Highlife
To any potential sponsors out there I'm looking for one to pick up my next trip to Africa for buffalo . Willing to wear your fancy sponsor t shirt 2xl and film the hunt. I'll send you my resume its full of professional sounding stuff ;)

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