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Nikon or vortex rangefinding bino’s
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ESP 09-Apr-19
SBH 09-Apr-19
Tdvorak 09-Apr-19
bighorn 09-Apr-19
No Mercy 10-Apr-19
BTM 10-Apr-19
maxracx 10-Apr-19
76aggie 16-Apr-19
From: ESP
I’m interested in getting a set of Rangefinding bino’s. For my budget these fit the price. What are your experiences with either or both? How accurate are they in giving exact distances?

Thanks. ESP

From: SBH
Had a nikon rangefinder, can't remember the style. It had issues when it was foggy/rainy. I would save a little more and get into something nicer if you can. My buddy had the same issue last year and couldn't get a range on a great mule deer buck. He guessed and hit him high. Lost him. Not blaming the range finder but in the moment of truth.....that extra $100 will be money well spent and worth every penny if you bring home your animal.

From: Tdvorak
I think Leica are probably the top of the line. Nikon and Vortex are certainly good quality glass. I don’t think you’d go wrong with Nikon or Vortex.

From: bighorn

From: No Mercy
Love my Vortex Furys!

From: BTM
Not what you asked, but FWIW my Bushnell Fusion RF/binos have served me well for over seven years now.

From: maxracx

From: 76aggie
My son just picked up some Vortex w/rangefinder. He likes them better than my Swaros. I have not looked through his though as of yet.

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