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Trophy Photo Editing
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ChasingFAHL 10-Apr-19
Tdvorak 10-Apr-19
altitude sick 10-Apr-19
Stekewood 10-Apr-19
From: ChasingFAHL

ChasingFAHL's embedded Photo
ChasingFAHL's embedded Photo
Hey All! Ive done some editing for a few of you guys before on trophy photos and Id love to do some more! $5 per image to preserve your memories. I can remove blood, hide unwanted items or just boost the image. Whatever you might need just let me know if I can help!

***Obligatory picture of one my 2018 bucks!

From: Tdvorak
That is MANDATORY. HAHA. Can you post a couple before and after? That would be interesting.

Very nice. It looks dimensional.

From: Stekewood
Very nice picture but I think you have to be a sponsor to advertise your services.

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