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Shaded Area Food Plot
Whitetail Deer
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PopPop 10-Apr-19
BullBuster 11-Apr-19
drycreek 11-Apr-19
skipmaster1 12-Apr-19
Mike-TN 12-Apr-19
Deerplotter 12-Apr-19
From: PopPop
Looking to put a few food plots in this year. Area/woods are mostly shaded. What would be the correct seed for this type deer food plot. White cover? Any help or tips would be great.

From: BullBuster
I have a shaded area among sparse bull pines. I recently burned it to rid of needles. I'm planting Grandpa Rays Inner Sanctum soon.

From: drycreek
I've used WINA clover with good success in the woods as long as the ph is right. A couple hours of full sun and maybe four of partial sun.

From: skipmaster1
Winter rye will grow about anywhere there is a little sun.

From: Mike-TN
Clover does well with partial shade

From: Deerplotter
Plant the clover with winter rye it will be fine in shade. Cut the rye mix to half of what you use per acre.

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