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Game on in NM Monday
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jdee 13-Apr-19
rjlefty3 13-Apr-19
mrelite 14-Apr-19
From: jdee

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I’ve got some mountain gobblers all scouted out. Monday morning I’ll be sitting under a ponderosa pine tree waiting for the first gobble..... Good luck all.

From: rjlefty3
Hoping to be doing the same later next week as well. Looks like you have a good spot picked out - good luck!

From: mrelite
I'll be out there as well, turkey is one of my most favorite hunts of the year and I get to scout for my bull that I am going to kill in Sept.....I just wish I knew if I had a tag prior to the turkey hunt. They need to make the app deadline March 1st and draw April 1st

I also love it when the hunt starts on a Monday, it makes for less traffic for a few days!

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