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Leica Rangefinding binos
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From: Frenchman
I am in the market for a pair of Leica rangefinding binoculars - and there seems to be numerous versions available. Which model is best for bowhunting? I am looking at 10x42, but not sure which model is best (and no dealers near me to go and check them out!). Any advice welcome!

From: midwest
I heard on the latest Kifarucast podcast that Zeiss RF are supposed to be fantastic. Aron has been testing them.

From: t-roy
The older Geovids have the ranging button on the left side (which is great for us southpaws) but not so much for right handed shooters. On the newer models, the button is on the right side. Not sure if you’re looking at new ones or a good used pair. I LOVE my 10x42s. The glass in them is great.

From: flyingbrass
I had the old Geovids, they ranged great but the eye piece on one side always fell off so I sold them.

From: Mike-TN
I have the Leica HDB. Only high end glass I have ever owned but I really like them. If bow hunting were my only thing then they probably would not be my first choice as I would want something a little smaller. If you shoot rifles at any distance they have a very good ballistic calculator which I use a lot so for me it is extremely nice to have great glass, a rangefinder and ballistic solution all in one package

From: BGbasbhat
You won't be disappointed with any of the versions. I think the HD-B is the ballistic calculator versions. I have the older versions that t-roy mentioned with the button on the left-side. Even being right handed, I don't have huge hands, but I can reach over and push the button with my right hand when ranging. Not ideal, but for the glass, it's worth it. Oh, for the record, I have 8x42s, which I love. More light, less shake, and good for here in AZ, as well as the thick timber of Missouri. 10x may be a bit much for the thick stuff, depending on where you hunt. I mount the 8x on a tripod too, which is awesome for sub-500 yd glassing.

From: Mark Watkins
I have the Leica 10x42 and use mountain hunts and here at home in the timber.

Two options when I bought for bowhunting and one with ballistics for rifle hunting. I bought the archery ones and love them.


From: Brijake
HD-R is what you are looking for. Awesome...

From: hardcore247
As mentioned HD-R is what you are looking for. The newer version with the button on the right is type 402 and 403. If you are thinking about trying to pick up a used pair let me know. I have a lightly used pair I am thinking about selling.

From: Kurt
Whatever model you buy, ensure they angle correct at archery ranges....10 yards and up. Some of the models only angle corrected beyond 110 yards...not what a mountain bowhunter wants. They have quite a few versions that look alike but vary in this important aspect. Good luck!

I carry 10x42 for hunting 15x56 for guiding no completes keep your eye on campfire for deals 10x42 geovids

From: Frenchman
Thanks Gang - Geovid 10x42 HD-R type 403 - shopping online right now!

Love mine!

From: axle2axle
Yup X2 on the Leica Geovid 10X42 HD-R 2700 (model 40 804) for bowhunting. I'm in the market myself...and have the same problem...nowhere in the San Diego area (that I'm aware of) to look at a pair before buying, but I'm gathering info like yourself. These newer Leica's have the ranging button on the right side (versus left)...and produce Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) down to 10 yards.

I submitted an email request to Leica for information after reading the owners manual online. In the manual under the programming steps, you must select a "ballistic profile" and a "zeroing distance" before you can select EHR as the output range reading. My question to tech-support was..."what are the best ballistic profile and zeroing distance setting choices to achieve the most accurate EHR readings for ranges between 10 to 80 yards?" The technical adviser from Leica, Mark Brady, replied saying that ballistics profile and zeroing distance are both ignored for EHR range readings less than 100 yards. He recommended choosing the first ballistic profile listed and any zeroing distance...since they are both ignored...simply to get past these configuration you could then select the EHR range reading output. So even though I don't own a pair yet, I can pass on to you what I've learned about setting them.

I may have to do some driving to actually try these Geovids out before buying...but I'm pretty sure I am going to be happy with this product once I do. Hope this helps. Kevin

From: axle2axle
Woops...order number (40 804)...not model number.

From: sticksender
Frenchman....the model you mentioned in your last post (Type 403) is an older version. The newer version is the HD-R 2700. But both are rated down to 10 yards on the EHR.

From: bigswivle
Camo fire has them for 1799$ pretty much every week.

From: Frenchman
Thanks again guys - yep - model 2700 is what I ordered. Now will have one less excuse when I miss...

From: axle2axle
Hey bigswivle...the Leica's on Camofire are the model 403's...not the newer HD-R 2700's.

From: Tdvorak
I bet they work great for you! You’ll like them.

Why should I buy the 2700 model verses the 403 model? There is a significant difference in the price.

What are the differences?

From: axle2axle
Hey's a short video I found on the web. Seems the range is extended for the newer 2700 model over the model 403...2700 yards versus 2000 yards, respectively. Other than that, these particular reviewers believe both of these models operated the same and use the same quality components. Here's the link.

Hope this helps...Kevin

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