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Carbon Lung disease
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moon 15-Apr-19
Medley12 16-Apr-19
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From: moon
Attended Pope & Young gathering and met a very interesting gentleman. He once owned an archery shop. He said he is the first person diagnosed with carbon lung disease from breathing the residue from cutting carbon arrows and he will die from it.

From: Medley12
What! Wow...

From: Scrappy
And to think a simple shop vac could have prevented this.

From: midwest
That's awful. Prayers to him and his family.

The damage was done to him in the early 80’s when Carbon arrows first came out. Some days he cut 600 arrows. Nobody knew then but know you know.

When cutting arrows wear a mask and remember the carbon dust lingers for quite a while.

From: TrapperKayak
Same goes with cutting and sanding antler for all you out there who do that (making antler accessories and bow tips, etc.). Wear a mask. Use a vacuum. And esp. if you cut abalone, its toxic. Prayers for the gentlemen you speak of.

From: Inshart
Yes, prayers to him.

Really Scrappy, way to show empathy!

From: timex
iv used a Philips head or torx screwdriver that fits snugly inside the shaft & a tubing cutter for 20 years with no problems

He’s a very good friend of mine.....and essentially an archery historian and the P&Y Club. He’s also probably the best authority on how to measure difficult non-typical whitetail deer.....I’ve been on Panel with him the last 6 panels and he’s amazing. Probably why he’s chairing the upcoming B&C Panel.....sure hope a receives his lung transplant soon.

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