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Arm guards
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From: cnelk
What is everyone using for arm guards?

It seems like with the short brace heights on compounds and when wearing a jacket, an arm guard is definitely needed to keep the string from hitting your forearm

From: dave cahilly
no armguard needed

From: Grubby
I wear the stocking looking thing to keep my coat tight to my arm when hunting . If I wack my arm target shooting I know I did something very wrong.

I remember one bow from 20 years ago that was a real arm killer. I wore a permanent welt on my arm

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Here is an old version.

“Archer's wrist guard,ca. 1981–1550 B.C. Archers in ancient Egypt would have worn guards such as this one to protect their wrists from the end of the arrow as they pulled it back to shoot, and from the rebound of the bowstring. This example was found at Gebelein, on the body of a soldier.“

From: IowaHawkeye
When I go super puffy for -° sits I put on an old green wool sock that I cut the foot part out of over my arm.

From: JTV
with heavy clothes, jacket, etc. a full length guard ..... short sleeves, shooting indoors no guard ... I only need one to keep the bulk down when hunting .. no problems with string slap with a correct draw length and form ..

Right. Arm guards are nothing but holding clothing flat or you have an issue. I normally use some kind of cheap 2 strap thing for my bow 8 or 10 bucks. Camo. You can order them all over the place on-line.

From: wooddamon1
If you're near RMSGear by Denver they probably have a few nice leather ones. Or you could use rubber bands if it's just to keep a sleeve compressed. will also have a few to choose from.

From: Dale06
Have not worn one in 20 years.

From: cnelk
^^^ I dont recall 6in brace heights 20 yrs ago

Yes. This would be for heavy/puffy coat applications. Ive been using the elastic sleeve, just wondering what else guys were using [for those that use them]

From: rooster
Compression sleeve for me, only over bulky clothes. Mine is a Bohning but several companies make them.

From: elkmtngear
Not sure why I never hit my arm...even with a jacket on :^/

From: Shawn
I use a neoprene knee brace. i only use one for holding bulky clothes down. Just a tube type about 10 bucks at Wally World. Shawn

From: Drahthaar
I use a sleeve from a long sleeve spandex shirt cut off, keeps coat sleeve down . Forrest

From: Starfire
I like the primos plastic armguard previously marketed by saunders.

From: elkstabber
I use the top of a sock just like IowaHawkeye described above. I've also used rubber bands in the past but thought they were more trouble.

From: Bou'bound
I use an arm guard

From: joehunter
I have shot 6 inch brace height bows for several years and now shoot a PSE Xpedite with 5.25 inch brace height. I never hit my sleeve even with heavy cold weather gear.

From: Joe Holden
I keep a healthy supply of rubber bands on my quiver. When i need to keep a sleeve down, just use 3-4 spaced out.

From: Ermine
I don’t use them

From: APauls
With archery tailored clothing I've never needed one even when dressed to the 9's in subzero temps. I have a bow with a 6" brace height. My stickbows are a different story, but no issues with a compound, never have.

From: LINK
I’ve never needed one. My daughter doesn’t need one when her shooting form is correct but every year when she’s gearing up for season we use the top of a sock. It usually takes one or two times hitting her arm before proper grip is remembered. ;)

I typically wear some lighter cloths, a shirt and maybe a hoody. After that I’m a big fan of vests, I don’t like having big bulky clothing on my arms but I rarely hunt below 20 degrees.

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