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4x Rangefinders
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backcountrymuzzy 18-Apr-19
smarba 18-Apr-19
I am looking to pick up a new rangefinder soon and I have been leaning towards a 4x one as opposed to the typical 6x but they aren't as popular as I would have imagined. Last year there were a couple times where I was trying to range deer in the thick aspens from 40-60 yards in lower light and it took a few seconds to relocate them which I don't think would have been an issue with a lower magnification.

I feel I would be on target with a 4x rangefinder much quicker, why are there so few on the market? I really like the Sig Kilo line, but the only 4x they make doesn't have a backlit display which I would like to have.

Anyone know of any good 4x rangefinders with a lit display?? Or any reason why you would recommend sticking to a 6x?

From: smarba
I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding lower magnification. Opti-Logic, the originator of the angle compensating rangefinder has zero magnification. I've used the Micro for years. Every time I look through someone's 6x I ask myself "why"? With zero I leave both eyes open and can see everything at once. Very fast and easy to pick targets out in low light.

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