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What would you do 1st morning?
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Z Barebow 19-Apr-19
JohnMC 19-Apr-19
Vids 19-Apr-19
HUNT MAN 19-Apr-19
midwest 19-Apr-19
Paul@thefort 19-Apr-19
Scoot 19-Apr-19
Rocky D 19-Apr-19
Geno 19-Apr-19
longbeard 19-Apr-19
drycreek 19-Apr-19
From: Z Barebow
Background. Next week I will be turkey hunting an area I have never spring turkey hunted before. But I bowhunt for deer in the area every fall. I see quite a few turkeys, but they are in large flocks that time of year. I have 3.5 days to hunt. Area is a mix or public and private. (Likely can get permission to hunt private) I will be focusing on a 8 square mile area. First morning would you?

Drive around to stop, listen and glass (With little to no chance of killing a turkey)?

Or would you set up in a likely area before sunrise and let your eyes and ears dictate your follow up hunting? (With the possibility of guessing right and have turkeys nearby)

From: JohnMC
I always like to find a couple roost first. Some times you can get them gobble on roost well before sunrise or well after sunset. I would try to find a roost or two before sunrise the first morning. I have good luck with a coyote howler even well before they start gobbling on their own. If you can find some early and it is still dark move in on them. If your not hearing birds when they are still on roost no reason to set up in that area because I doubt any Toms in the area.

From: Vids
I would drive around and locate birds first. If you find some birds that are hunt-able (in a location where you can set up just over a rise and call them in) then it can quickly become exciting. If you find birds at all, you can be set up in that area come evening.

That beats blindly setting up in a good looking location and sitting there watching nothing.

Find a high point first morning and listen. If you hear birds take note of The direction they go. Be back there by 3 pm. During the day run and gun. Calling every 100 yards and ever high point . Good luck. Spring elk training!

From: midwest
Think they'll ever open up the spring hunting to NR's, Z? Would love to turkey hunt that country!

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
If not in the am, If you can hunt all day and find their roost tree, set up near there, ground or natural blind and hunt the 3pm to sundown period near the tree and trails going to it. Some toms might drift back early in singles on small groups. I hen cackle every 15 minutes on the box call. You may hear a gobble response and then one or two might come in silent so keep your ears and eye on ready.

From: Scoot
I'd point my truck west then catch a ride east to hunt thunder chickens with me!

Haha good luck Z!

From: Rocky D
X2 Hunt’s first sentence!

From: Geno
Sit in a likely spot and hope for the best. :)

2 years ago I got permission to hunt a property the evening before the opener. The next morning I went in and sat at a spot that I thought looked pretty good.

Come to find out there was a gobbler roosted about 70 yards behind in the woods and he flew down right into my decoy set and I shot him. :)

Yea I know it won't always work like that either.

From: longbeard
You said you bow hunt there so I’m assuming you know the lay of the land. Why lose a good morning hunt. Go where you’ve seen them or think they might be roosted. I’m also assuming this is not the first time you’ve turkey hunted before, so you have an idea of what your doing. My strategy would be, Go with your hunting knowledge and don’t waste a morning

From: drycreek
^^^^^^^^ Took the thought right out of my head !

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