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Any input on public land bear hunting WV
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Buckfan 19-Apr-19
WV Mountaineer 19-Apr-19
Tdvorak 19-Apr-19
badguybuster 20-Apr-19
Charlie Rehor 20-Apr-19
From: Buckfan
Looking for some good places for me and friend to bow hunt for black bear in late OCT early NOV this year. Looking to make a couple scouting trips this summer to get feel for land. Any input from some locals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Bow only counties are probably the best. Followed by Fayette, Kanawha, Wayne, and the Eastern Mountain Range. But, there are bears literally every where. And, lots of them. Good luck and God Bless

From: Tdvorak
There are some great places to hunt unguided across the inlet from Anchorage. I’m not sure if I missed your target state??? It would take some $ because it is fly-in but you’ll get a bump in Trophy size due to it being so far from where pickups and boats can get. I think DIY black bear hunts are WAY under-utilized. I’d like to see more guys doing them to take some really outstanding trophies.

From: badguybuster
Id love to try a DIY in Alaska

Too many bears in SW Colorado. $100 bucks for a NR tag! Shoot em up!

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