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longbeard 21-Apr-19
Ucsdryder 21-Apr-19
Ziek 21-Apr-19
APauls 21-Apr-19
WapitiBob 21-Apr-19
axle2axle 23-Apr-19
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sticksender 23-Apr-19
Scoot 23-Apr-19
Two Feathers 23-Apr-19
From: longbeard
So I got A new string put on my bow the other day, But it has been raining out every time I could get out there to shoot it to re-sight it in. I can shoot in my basement but only at a max of 13 yards. My question Is how high should I sight top pin in at 13 yards to be same as sighted for 20 yds??

From: Ucsdryder
If I can run 10 feet in 1.5 seconds, how fast can I run a marathon?

From: Ziek
Too many variables, mostly in sighting geometry, to know.

From: APauls
You’ll only know once you shoot at 20 yards

From: WapitiBob
Just shoot it and worry about 20 when you get outside.

From: axle2axle
Got to agree with Wapitibob. Probably more important to you...unless you like sighting in your bow every time you work on it, is using a chronograph to check your arrow speed before and after maintenance. If you achieve the same arrow speed with the same arrow configuration and weight, then a simple "gang" adjustment (typically vertical only if the nock position has been moved slightly) will set all your pins to the previous impact points with minimal effort. Just a thought. Kevin

From: luckychucky
What is wrong with shooting in a little rain?

From: sticksender
This is just a suggestion to consider. If the bow was properly tuned before the string change, it would bother me if I had to move the sight afterwards, because I'd know something else was wrong that I hadn't yet corrected.

From: Scoot
My 20 yard pin is spot on at 9 yards. That being said, the posts above are right.

From: Two Feathers
Aim a little low.

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