switchgrass? or tall wheatgrass?
Whitetail Deer
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Shaft 22-Apr-19
badguybuster 22-Apr-19
wildan 22-Apr-19
BullBuster 23-Apr-19
wildan 27-Apr-19
From: Shaft
I am looking into planting one of those two or both and then comparing to see which one provides the best side screening/bedding/shelter. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these in those regards. It is suggested that you burn every 3 or 4 years to sustain the best growth. Both have a height of 6 feet or so. These would be planted around some food plots to create that sense of security for deer.

From: badguybuster
Ive had better luck woth wheatgrass here. My soil was loose abd had clay pretty close to the surface The roots of WG bonded it together and made it more durable

From: wildan
I planted an acre of switch grass about four years ago;it takes about three years before it establishes and mine grows to about 7 feet tall.Mow every spring,decent cover but no feed value.Holds up fairly well to our snow(Northern NY).Once planted you will have it forever.

From: BullBuster
Wildan why do u now it in spring?

From: wildan
I mow all my food plots in the spring;for the switch grass it helps control any weeds that grew in it and encourages new growth. It will be all matted down after our winters.

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