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Walleye poachers nabbed
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spike78 22-Apr-19
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APauls 26-Apr-19
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spike78 27-Apr-19
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painless 27-Apr-19
gunmaster 03-May-19
From: spike78

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Good catch by wardens in Michigan.

From: JTV
Many years back, while I was bank fishing for catfish on the Trinity river in Texas, I saw a boat with two guys in it speeding down the river towards me, behind it another with two wardens and their red light on a bar flashing, the first boat turned towards me, ramped up on shore and the two tried jumped out, one tripped and ended up on his back in the deeper water, the other tried to run past me up the steep bank, the officers were yelling STOP HIM... so I did, I tackled the SOB, the officers beached their boat, and hand cuffed both ... turns out these guys were shocking fish further up stream, they had a couple hundred fish in their boat, bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill, redeye, etc. .... they were being watched and were known poachers...

From: bowyer45
It's all a matter of where you live. Here in Colorado the government is shocking pike and bass out of the Yampa river totally ruining a trophy pike and bass fishery to save the pike minnow and squaw fish, endangered species. with our tax dollars!

That's nothing boyer45, in CA, they've killed off thousands of acres of orchards by denying them irrigation in an effort to save a minnow in the San Joaquin Delta.

From: APauls
...and all the while the polar bears are fatter than ever feasting on dead walruses falling from cliffs...

Those greedy bastards should lose their truck and their fishing licenses for life on top of the fines. 80 freaking walleye is ridiculous.

From: spike78

From: JusPassin
Maybe there "natives"?

From: JJJ
$10 a pound? Worth poaching in Michigan for that price! Make it hurt!

From: bowyer45
Oh walleye, not sure what I like more the catching or the eating!

From: keepemsharp
The eating is the greatest the fishing is like watching paint dry :}

From: painless
Those walleye taste so good, it'd be hard to quit when you caught your limit. A friend of mine and I caught close to 200 under one waterfall/rapids on the Bloodvein River in Manatoba once. But we did release what we could not eat that evening. What a memory, caught a fish every cast.

From: gunmaster
What I want to know is what kind of bait these dudes were using. (they're still jerks though)

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