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Whitetail Deer
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From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
These people are nuts.

From: Beendare
So Scrappys link is to an Iowa deer huggers association.

Heres a cut and paste of what they say about non lethal control [Total Hogwash, BTW];


Historically, wildlife management has meant one thing: killing. While this may be an effective short-term solution to the issue of wildlife and deer overpopulation, there have been successful strides in the industry that offer non-lethal, non-violent alternatives.

One such advancement is the implementation of wildlife contraceptives, fertility control, and sterilization. Birth control for animals may sound silly at first, but several cities across the country have successfully implemented this practice and seen a sustained reduction in deer populations without killing.

Education and prevention are long-term, peaceful, progressive solutions that don’t divide neighbors. Deer kill programs continue year after year because the population rebounds. Deer kill programs introduce weapons into our neighborhoods and cause friction among those who want deer killed on their property and those opposed.

Below are some concerns raised by the proposal to use lethal and violent methods to manage Iowa City’s native wildlife.

Killing is not an effective long-term, sustainable solution.

White Buffalo’s Tony DeNicola, who killed deer in Iowa City for 10 straight years stated at the City Deer Forum: “I’ve been doing this [killing deer] for 30 years and nothing has changed.” DeNicola also cited an example where the deer population tripled in size following a kill.

Killing one deer will not prevent another deer from eating a plant or crossing the road. Killing deer is not a permanent solution. Learning ways to coexist is a permanent solution.

Sharpshooters favor lead shot, which is highly toxic to all wildlife.

While other options such as non-toxic copper bullets are available, it was emphasized during the City Deer Forum that the proposed wildlife management company uses lead shot. If an animal shot with lead is not retrieved and is fed on by other wildlife, the lead toxicity spreads into the environment and effects animals such as crows, vultures, and other carrion-feeders, resulting in lead poisoning and, most often, death.

Bow hunting is fraught with violations as unsupervised, unaccountable, inexperienced hunters move through neighborhoods at all hours of the day.

Both sharpshooting and bow hunting present numerous safety concerns for humans, domestic animals, and other wildlife. While city officials claim the parks will be closed should they decide to proceed with a hunt, there is no certain means of enforcing this.

Please visit our page on bow hunting to read an eyewitness account of the harmful effects of bow hunting in Cedar Rapids. Warning: the report contains graphic content.

The presence of guns in parks and neighborhoods can have a triggering effect on those living with PTSD.

I cant believe people believe their own BS.

From: Ken Taylor
Those people sincerely think that they have a vast knowledge of deer and hunting... but they learned most of it watching Saturday morning cartoons.

They are passed the point of ignorance... passed the point of being misinformed... they are plainly stupid.

Too bad the law of nature - "survival of the fittest" no longer applies to humans, LOL!

From: APauls
"The presence of guns in parks and neighborhoods can have a triggering effect on those living with PTSD."

More like a triggering effect to animal nut jobs lol. If they're all about animal rights who gives them the right to sterilize the animal?? Either you are for managing wildlife or against. If their message was simply not to kill them and let them be at least they are consistent. But soon as you say to manage the animal you are being inconsistent imo.

I also beg to differ on animal behaviour. When you shoot one, not only have you completely eliminated the problem from one animal, others do learn. Shoot 2 corws in your yard and you'll never have crows again. Also, if the animal is a female, you've eliminated babies. Plus they taste good.

From: ohiohunter
Sharpshooters and lead shot........ now thats a head scratcher!

From: BigOk
May need to sterilize whoever wrote that crock of BS.

From: Scrappy
I told you guys it was a fairytale.

From: kadbow

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