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Calling all hunters!!
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From: Shawn
Literally.. Calling all hunters!!! Just wondering if anyone here has called in a hunter or has been called in themselves. Being a new turkey hunter I was just wondering how often this happens.

From: Brotsky
I've called in quite a few over the years, especially on public lands. I have not been called in as that's not how we roll, the birds come to us. :-)

From: TrapperKayak
I got bored one morning and fed up with other elk hunters screwing up my calling in elk, so I decided to mess with one after the morning hunt. He ended up following me right back to my truck in the parking lot, and I could see him waving the middle digit at me from 200 yds away at the edge of the timber as I was loading my gear into the pickup. That was fun and sweet redemption because he made me miss an opportunity at a bull I was working! That was in Washington. Have had quite of blown opps at bulls because of other hunters. As for turkeys, I have not called in any because I do not gobble, and rarely do yelps. Caling turkeys is a recipe for getting shot. Speaking of, I did a grunt call for bucks a half hour before opening legal hours here in NY (on my own land), three seasons ago, and suddenly 'POWWW - "TIKKK" (bullet hit 10 feet above my head in a tree), when some AH sound shot at my grunting and I nearly lost my head in more ways than one....I will never grunt at a buck again during any gun season.

From: relliK reeD
I have called in moose hunters three times over the years

Happens about once a year to me on public land.

They’ll come in while working a tom, or to hen calling, I’ve found. I’ve not figured out yet how to kill one and get away with it though. So, I’ve let them all walk this far ??

From: t-roy
I bugled in my elk hunting partner once, back in the 80s. Haven’t called in any turkey hunters, as I only hunt private, but had a kid sneak in close to where my wife and I were set up and working a tom. He was coming in perfectly, but my wife has a bad habit of adjusting her fingers on the slide of the shotgun before she shoots. The bird got a bit leery and started circling our setup. All of a sudden, a shot rings out and I can hear the pattern ripping through the brush a few feet from us. The bird is flopping all over the ground about 50 yds from us. I jumped up and ran over to where the bird was at. The kid stands up and walks over to me. I commenced to ripping him a new one. If that bird had taken 2-3 more steps in the same direction he was moving, there was a very good chance that my wife or I could have been hit by the shot.

Turns out, he had permission to hunt on the adjoining neighbor’s property. Problem was, he was 400 yds from the (distinctive) fence/property line. When I told him that, I could tell by his expression, that he legitimately thought that he was on the property that he had permission to be where he was at, so I cut him some slack and told him to take his bird and get the @#*¥% out of here & that next time he had better know exactly where the property lines are at. He’s lucky my wife didn’t come over there!

From: Swampbuck
Yep, on public land. Had a guy hunting my decoys. Guess he didn’t have binoculars or his glasses on.

From: Scrappy
If your hen yelping and a guy cuts you off with some really horrible hen yelps non stop while walking towards your setup. Don't stand up looking for a guy making those horrible sounds cause its usually a hen. Yup they have fooled me more than once.

From: Bob H in NH
I've called in turkey hunters, with yelps

From: Brian M.
Called in a guy during muzzleloader season many years ago, with a deer snort call. He circled down wind on me. I was young and actually thrilled the call sounded enough like a deer to fool the guy.

From: 'Ike'
A trespasser...

From: Rut Nut
Yep! Called in my Father-in-law's buddy one time. We were hunting my FIL's land and he apparently got there late that morning. Was kinda funny "messing" with him and watching his reaction! ;-)

From: RymanCat
Several times and nearly gotten shot. I had a flo orange ribbon around tree and a Tom decoy and hen out and a hunter snuck in and was about to raise gun on me when I hollered and he took off running.

From: drycreek
My calling is so good I called myself in. Circled for hours..........

From: Shawn
Had a guy come to a buck decoy in Ohio once. I had leased an 800 acre piece and was struggling. The land was so flat and maybe 30 acres of woods the rest was crops or CRP. I asked the landowner if I could try behind his house(not part of the lease) but he was nice enough and let me go in and try. Found tons of huge rubs and a big scrape line about 100 yards behind his house. He did not let me know he let his neighbor hunt this piece as well. I set up a a decoy about 15 yards out on a field edge. I was 10 yards in the wood line. It was getting dark and I did a rattle sequence and let out several grunts. As it got darker i hear something coming along the edge of the woods. I get my binos up and see a guy about 60 yards way froze solid. I keep watching, he slowly works his way another 10 yards or so and he comes to full draw. that is when I shout, what the hell are you doing?? He about fell down. I got down and he was dumbfounded. He apologized and said he had come home from work at 5 looked out his window saw the big bucck satnding there and decided to see how close he could get. He was really embarrassed but turned out to be a good guy! Shawn

My BiL went to a hen call and shot the guy's decoy-twice!

25 years later I still love telling that story since no one was hurt.

From: Surfbow
I've called in other elk hunters, the last ones were a really nice couple, they invited me to their cabin for dinner and let me crash on their couch before I drove home the next morning.

I had a hunter come in on me ' 3 times ' while hunting turkeys in the fall season one year. Each time I waited until I figured he was out of hearing distance before I started calling again ( I had scattered a flock earlier ). It got quite scary for awhile & the third time I yelled at him. A few other incidents like that caused me to quit turkey hunting for a few years.

From: Timbrhuntr
Yah lots of times. I even had a guy pepper me with shot when he shot my decoys !!

From: Elite 1
I had a guy sneaking on my Canadian goose decoys once.

From: trophyhill
I call hunters in everytime I hunt CO. Oh that's elk season though......

Elite 1 that happened to a buddy of mine once. He had goose dekes set up in a field across from his parents house. His dad watched a guy belly crawl across a wet, muddy field, jump up to shoot and then walk through the mud back to his vehicle. His dad waited until he was almost back and drove down and chewed him out for trespassing ...although he took great pleasure watching the whole thing and letting the guy get covered in mud first lol.

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