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From: powder

powder's embedded Photo
powder's embedded Photo What in the world is going on around here? If this was on here before I apologize. You guys scream about about crossbows, These game commissions are going to have to get on the stick or lobbying money will have these in seasons.

That looks and functions just like a crossbow....without the string. All the crossbow guys are going to say these are going to ruin there archery seasons!

From: dirtclod Az.
All the Archery hunters are also going to complian I put out a thread over a year ago on multiple forums,and it brought me nothing but greif...It's a rifle that shoots an arrow like projectile.It was either Tim Wells or Ted Nugent that hunted with one on video and loved it...?

From: SB
You can also shoot an arrow out of a .410 with a light black powder charge!.......don't ask,we were dumb kids.

From: drycreek
SB,'re saying you're responsible ?

Get the tar and feathers ! ;-)

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