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Safety Check Nocks Too!!!
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From: BGbasbhat
We all check arrows for cracks, limbs, heads, etc. but make sure you check nocks too!

Was practicing the other day and shot an arrow with a cracked nock apparently. It clamped fine on the string, pulled back, released and crash!!! Arrow went all fishtailing, loud slap sound like I dry-fired, kisser button disappeared, d-loop turned 180, and green nock in about 5 pieces on the ground.

Not sure what happened, but guess give your nocks a little squeeze/flex before shooting to make sure of any cracks. It gets dry out here in the desert, so who knows if maybe the heat got to it or something.

Be safe!!

From: Boatman71
Super dry/hot weather will deteriorate nocks. Surprisingly plastic does retain a small amount of moisture that keeps it pliable. If the moisture is removed they will become brittle. Definitely check nocks!

From: BTM
Good advice, to be sure, but "My nock broke" is at the top of my excuses list. ("That Booner would've been mine if the $#@!! nock hadn't shattered.")

From: Elkoholic
They can shrink too. I went to draw on a bobcat at 1 yard and the nock just pulled right out of the arrow as I drew.

From: BGbasbhat
Glad I'm not the only one. I gotta find a better way to store my setup every day. I should probably just bring it into my office, cause obviously keeping it out in my truck all day (even in the shade) isn't doing well for the nocks, glue, etc. #arizonaproblems

From: Ucsdryder
Keeping a bow in the truck is a terrible idea. Especially in Arizona!

From: Bou'bound
There is probably something you could do that is worse for a bow then leaving it in a hot car for any period of time I just can’t think of what it may be off hand

From: Busta'Ribs
I remember when I used to actually glue my nocks on my arrows...

From: GF
I had a nock fail at the shot on me in January. Jolted my elbow so hard I haven’t shot since. Need a new overlay on a limb-tip to boot!

From: BGbasbhat
Man, glad that didn't happen to me GF.

Busta'Ribs, true, me too; but the actual nock cracked at the groove. The nock base was actually still in the arrow (no glue), but the rest was in pieces.

Bou and Ucs - Yeah, i know. I have to find a good bow case and just bring it in to the office. Not sure how it'd look carrying an uncased bow and arrows into my fancypants financial office. lol

From: GF
LOL... I’d look like an Extra wandering in from GoT or something!

From: BGbasbhat
Hahaha, at least it isn't a sword or something. Hahaha! Not sure either scenario would go over well with my

From: YZF-88
In general, it's a good idea to check everything over from time to time. A couple years ago I actually had a 5/16 diameter peep sight collapse and break while at full draw. It cut the string and whip-lashed so hard it sliced my wrist and hand. Have some nice scars from that. In retrospect, I recall seeing it deforming the shot before. I'll never forget pulling a little piece of that blue G5 peep out of my hand with a tweezers.

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