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Any reviews to be had?

I have friends who swear by them. I have used them very limited. Like any mech the large cut will limit penetration on large bodied or tough animals, but will leave a large blood trail on small to medium sized animals. They fly as expected for a mech. The big advantage to me is the retention system, no rubber bands, clips, o-rings or anything extra, just spring loaded ready to go. I tried the fatal steel.

From: bad karma
I have used them on some big hogs, and they seem to penetrate very, very well. Had one that I am convinced did not open, but I did eventually recover the darned hog. I'm not sure how it could have not opened but it appears the blades were bent a little so they wouldn't come out of the slots. They fly well and even on big pigs, went right through them.

I have used 1-3/8 cut Razortips on practically everything from rabbits to deer to elk to moose with great results.

Thanks so much for the great views my brothers

My main hunting region is for great for hogs so glad to hear you've had great results with them. I had the same feeling as well though wanted some input of others before sending them flying into a large pig

If you found the hog, the blades opened. I have recovered a number of animals with my friend who shoots them and most of the time the head is "closed" when we find it. I attribute it to the spring loaded mechanism. Any back pull on the head will flip the blades closed again.

From: Ambush
Since the NAP buy out may be ruining my beloved Spitfires, Grim Reapers are going to get a hard look. I think the Carni -Four would be an awesome head for bears.

From: bad karma
I get that wildwilderness. But the wound did not have the massive hole that I'd gotten with every other grim reaper, on a good double lung shot. The entrance hole looked like I shot him with a field point. Bear in mind, he ran about 400 yards.

I'm using Ramcats now, which penetrate like crazy, and leave good holes....

I never understood these heads,,,,,, I got a free package..... I took them out, to really look them over,,,,, took off the black rubber part in the back, and the whole head with spring, fell apart....... I look at the tiny blades,,,,, I do not get it,,,,,,

However they do kill, I know guys that use them all the time, but, I do not like any head, that can fall apart so easy

From: drycreek
^^^^^^^^^ It won't fall apart when it's screwed to the arrow. Many replaceable blade heads will also "fall apart" when they are not retained by being screwed into the shaft. I've only used them on turkeys but they do a good job there.

From: Will
Everyone I know that uses them has loved them. I tried them last year just for a change of pace as I was totally happy with the heads I'd been using, just got some wander lust after several years. I only shot one deer, a doe of about 120#, with them. I hit her a bit high, as high as you can hit a deer and still go under the spine, and it was a total pass through taking out top of the on side lung and high center of the off side lung. Amazingly she went about 400yds before dying.

Anyway, two blades sheered off. The head worked. My shot was high, so there is where they long travel post shot comes from. But rather than the big holes I hoped for, two blades didnt get through the onside lung and only one blade and the arrow went through the lungs.

My gut say's it was just the combo of hitting very close to the spine, perhaps the slope of the shot etc. But I was surprised given the GREAT reviews everyone I know has given them and that Ive always seen online. I may try them again next year, as I suspect it's a one off vs the norm. It was surprising though.

When I finally found the arrow (snow hides arrows well)

I shot a big old mature doe ,a while back with one and I do forget which one,I hit in that sweet spot that we all want. She went 15 yards and the forrest floor looked like a horror movie set . Bushes,tree trunks,ground leaves ,the old barbed wire fence she ran through,running dead. ALL!!! Sprayed with so much blood it was incredible. When I gutted her,not much blood was left in the cavity....

From: APauls
Decent head. I prefer a Rocket Steelhead to the grim reaper in the over the top category. Steel ferrule, and the rubber band is flawless.

I know some guys are anti-rubber band but my guess is they’ve never used them. Each band will easily last a year and guaranteed to open.

Yeah, I’m anti bands. They always tend to disappear or break right when you need them. I am a procrastinator so it’s always the night before going on a hunt that I need it and it’s not there. I’m sure they work fine but it’s just one less thing to think about.

From: copperman
not impressed only shot a couple animals with them and broke blades both times

When we started running hog hunts 20 years ago we didn't allow mechanical heads due to the limited penetration. Grim Reapers were one of the first broadheads to change our stance. We hung a big dead boar in full rigor on our gambrel, stepped back about ten paces and then shot it with different broadheads. We got full penetration with the Grim Reapers. I don't recall all the other brands we tested that day, but these stood out. Another very popular head that I won't mention here just about bounced off the hog. We don't recommend that brand but have people insist on using them all the time, with the same results we saw on the dead boar.

-Cheryl @ Shiloh Ranch

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