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Ramcat Broadheads with Locktite?
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Bowhuntpig666! 02-May-19
Ermine 06-May-19
Dale06 06-May-19
great white 07-May-19
bad karma 07-May-19
ground hunter 07-May-19
drew 09-May-19
wildwilderness 09-May-19
APauls 09-May-19
Shotgunwilly 09-May-19
Ermine 09-May-19
Anyone had any luck? Have a trove of them bought before I tested the broadheads and had the blades break off not even able to cut through a small test wire fence...

From: Ermine
Always had great luck with them!

From: Dale06
Small test wire fence. Seems like most people are testing on steel drums, plywood, cow bones and the like. I do not use Ramcats, but a friend does and is very successful with them.

From: great white
Shot a big old nanny doe had to be approaching 150 lbs,turned when i shot hit at the point of the left shoulder exit at the knee on the far side rear leg. penetration was awesome as in the whole length of the deer 2 hops and done .Shot to others broadside like you are supposed to both never left the field.Yes I have bought them again because they fly like darts.

From: bad karma
I've never hunted wild fence, can't find a good recipe for them. For wild hogs, they penetrate very well, fly well and create a massive blood trial. I will likely use them for elk this year.

I have killed a ram, with them, plus deer, and elk,,,, penetration has been great,,, bought a few packs of the 125 grainers when they first came out,,,,,

good head

From: drew
I've shot ramcats for the past 2 years and really like them. Good flight, penetration and blood trails.

The title of the original post mentions loctite - how is that related to ramcats? Sorry, it's not clear to me.

There was a large batch of FAKE ramcats made in China with the same packaging sold online. You may have a trove of them? I have never heard a complaint about the REAL ones.

From: APauls
Have heard good things about them, never used them. Also never heard of using a wire fence as a test medium

From: Shotgunwilly
I use locktite on the small screw the holds the blades in, i was having them come loose after a few shots into the target.

I have also had good results on game, excellent penetration.

From: Ermine
They are made to come loose so that you can pull them from targets easier. But yea a drop of loktite will lock it down so they don’t come loose

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