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Real Fan Carrying?
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Hunt98 03-May-19
Bou'bound 03-May-19
keepemsharp 03-May-19
Brotsky 03-May-19
Timbrhuntr 03-May-19
t-roy 03-May-19
JTV 03-May-19
KY EyeBow 03-May-19
longbeard 03-May-19
Jims 04-May-19
ground hunter 04-May-19
swampokie 04-May-19
ACB 05-May-19
From: Hunt98
I used a real fan in a Primos Fan holder (plastic that folds into four).

How do you carry real fans while hunting so the feathers don’t get all mangled?

From: Bou'bound
Or why do you carry real vs fake. The turkeys won’t know and fake are easier requiring no special handling

From: keepemsharp
Tried leaving the fan in the blind and the pack rats consumed it.

From: Brotsky
Bou, there is a giant difference between real and fake, especially when the sun is up ;-)

From: Timbrhuntr
I made a cardboard cutout to fit around the fan its a bit bulky but fits in my dsd bag with the decoys! When I get to my setup I take the fan out and attach it to the decoy. Other than that I have several extras for when they get too beat up.

From: t-roy
I don’t protect mine. I figure the rattier it looks, the other birds must figure that my decoy must get beat up a lot, so they’re less intimidated by him.

A lot of turkey hunting is a mental game!

From: JTV

JTV's embedded Photo
JTV's embedded Photo
I carry mine by hand .. Jake fan, it has seen several years .... still works .. .. this was this morning ..... Tom gobbled 7-10 times 200 yds to my Sw, flew down, shut up... then went to the Sw with a few FU gobbles and shut up for good .. I think he was following hens .. this was between 5:40 am and 8:30 ... not one gobble after, no matter what calls I tossed at him

From: KY EyeBow
I do the same as Pat.

From: longbeard
I carry mine by hand also. As they get older they will fold up like the fake one does and then you can carry them in your game pouch

From: Jims
Nothing turns whacky toms on like a real fan...especially if there is movement with them!

I usually am on the move,,,, I have 3 tags now,,,, I usually use my umbrella trick, if I need to close in....... as far as sitting in a blind, I don't know, I have used both,,,,,

I do not think them birds are as sharp as we think, at time, and at times, they get screwy but merriams are not the sharpest bird in the box, that is for sure

From: swampokie
Small fan I have fits right in the sack on the back of my vest

From: ACB
I carry mine in my DSD bag with my Jake and hen decoy and when it gets to ugly to use I replace the feathers. It will last 3 to 4 years this way .

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