Well an old guy just drew S9
Wild Sheep
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From: Oldguysrule
Any help for S9 other than get in tip top shape?

Old guy s usually have more money for sure less time to spend what they got and its a sheep tag!!! I say get a guide if you can that is BIIIIG Country

From: krazykrawler
I drew S09 also sent you a PM

From: Treeline
Spectacular! Congratulations! That hunt takes grit. You can do it though! Good luck!

From: Scoot
Many congrats! Good luck on the hunt. Take lots of pictures and report back here please.

From: Bowboy
Congrats have fun!

Congrats! I hope that's the right term. I considered S9 but decided I was too old for it.

Good Luck!

From: kscowboy
Sangre De Cristo Outfitters has the guy for S9. If you are considering an outfitter, they should be your first call.

From: Ermine
I hunted s9 last year. It’s a real sheep hunt! Steap mtns be in shape


Adventurewriter's Link
Not sure if this is going to work I just cut and pasted the link below but if it doesn't work there is a guy on the Monster Muleys on the Colorado forum that had the bow tag in 2018 selling three maps and I think info for $45

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