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Pin size input
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From: hoyt-6190
I have a Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 pin sight. All pins are currently 0.019 in size, I have been kicking around the idea of replacing or even adding an additional pin with the size of 0.01'' is there any advantages or disadvantages of replacing the bottom pin size to a smaller size?

From: Ermine
I like smaller pics for the whole sight. Smaller pins cover less of the target I can be more precise in aiming I use .10 for every pin

From: Boatman71
FWIW I know several people that have went to the .010 pin only to go back to the .019 due to the smaller pin being hard to see. Personally I have never used a .010 and probably never will. I shoot a ton of 3D and paper.

From: Scoot
The smaller the pin, the tougher time I have seeing it in low light. I have .029 (top), .029 (middle), and .019 (bottom and the one I use for shots where I've moved my slider) on my 3 pin slider sight and every evening there comes a time when I can see my top two pins, but struggle to see the smaller pin on the bottom. For me, a .01 pin disappears even quicker. But, like Ermine said (for longer shots in particular) the smaller pins cover less of the target.

From: midwest
I have a .010 pin for my 40 yd. pin which is my floater, .019 pins for the rest.

From: CSAL
I run a .019 top pin and two .010 pins on the bottom of a fast Eddie 3 pin. Works great as I can see the .019 longer then the other 2. When I cant see those 2 bottom pins I shouldn't be shooting at those distances. That being said the smaller pins are much better for shooting longer distance as they cover less of the target.

From: Predeter
I run same as Nick. Bottom floater is .01 others .019. Personally I would go all .01 if ordering again. The .019 seem huge to me in low light.

From: craig@work
I’m going back to .019 this year. I use HHA sliders and the last 2 years I tried a .010 and even with the rheostat I had difficulty in low light.


From: Zim

Zim's embedded Photo
Zim's embedded Photo
Shot my last two whitetails with this MBG ascent verdict, both in low light. All pins are .010 size and I’ve loved it so far. I haven’t seen anything but upside...smaller pin minimizes flare in the middle of the day, able to shoot more precisely at distance, still adequate light at dawn/dusk.

From: Bowboy
MBG Ascent Verdict .29 pins.

I had .125 pins on one of my old sights. As I recall I could shoot quite accurately. It is ironic that you can hit the exact spot you want to hit when the intended target is totally obscured by the pin. I think that .029 and .019 are fine if bright enough.

From: PAOH
Mbg 3pin ascent : top two pins are .019 with my slider .010. No issues seeing any of these pins.

From: 1HankS
Ermine X2!!!

From: 12yards
My old eyes won't go smaller than .019. And they better be bright .019s.

12yards X2. 20, 30 yrs ago I may have considered .010’s .Now, not a chance!

From: Buck Watcher
My old eyes have issues seeing a .010. It gathers less light too.

I'm a 3 (all green) pin guy - .026 - .019 - .019 set at 25, 35 & 50 yards. I have a 35 yard max shot for hunting and a 50+ for target.

From: Lee
I’m shooting the ascent as well - 20 and 30 are .029 and .019for the others. Personally I would think .010 would be too fine in low light.


From: rjlefty3
I use .019 for my top 3 pins (out to 40) and 0.01 for my bottom 2. I figured the smaller pins would be hard to see in low light and knew I wouldn't be taking longer shots in those conditions. The smaller pins have (at least I feel they have) made me more confident and a better shooter at longer distances. I alternate colors (red/green). Works for me.

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