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going to Lanai
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From: Zebrakiller
I guess we are going to Lanai next year , Who can I hunt with there?

From: Franklin
Mazie Hirono….feel free to have a hunting "accident".

From: Zebrakiller

From: TD
Need some more info? Are you putting in for the state draw hunts? (one week seasons) Axis or mouflon? Or just going for a day or two hunting? There is no season on Lanai Company land, 365 days a year. What time of year? "Who can I hunt with there?" you mean a guide? It's changed a great deal with the new owner Ellison. Before you could hire local guides and just pay trophy fees to the company. Now....officially the Lanai Company is who you need to contact for a guide. All guides I understand are LC employees. Hiring a guide gets you into some awesome areas that you can't access otherwise though.

Outside of the state LE draw hunts (archery= one week axis deer, one week mouflon) on state leased land (a big chunk of the island) you can buy a "public private" permit that's fairly reasonable and hunt some real good areas with good numbers of animals. There is a bunch of archery only areas.

And all this could change tomorrow too. Or has already yesterday. Between the state and the property owners.... many things have and are being done they promised they would never do. As in many places and many states..... the inmates are or have taken over the asylum.

From: yooper89
TD next time I end up in Hawaii, I'm coming to Maui, and I'm buying you a beer. I didn't get a chance to hunt on Kauai this year but all the info you gave me on the islands initially was incredible.

What are the options for accommodations on Lanai? The one hotel is expensive, 5 star rates. I saw a camp ground option but said no hunters? Also with rental vehicles, are there affordable deals to be had? It appears being or knowing a local is the way to go for Lanai.

From: Zebrakiller
thanks For the info, sorry I really dontk now much so Far wife just said we are going to Hawaii and I said , well than Im going hunting, So Im open to whatever , anyone has to offer, we have no plans set yet, and I guess we dont even has what island for sure yet so if I find better hunting, that will be the one

So what does it cost all in to hunt on Lanaii if your coming from the states. You get 2 tags? Maybe a bucket list hunt? Thanks

From: bowbender77
Zebrakiller: There are quality guided hunts on Maui with a fellow named Rodney that runs Maui Hunting Safaris. Very good outfitter ! Pre hunt paperwork must be done in advance to meet legal requirements for non res hunts over there.

From: 808bowhunter
You can camp in the campground at Manele just have to leave weapons in the vehicle. You have to pay per night to camp as well but nice grounds. The Self guided private tag is 365 days a year for 65$. There are about 8 different archery only zones with all types of terrain. Guided areas are more expensive but some good guides and big deer.

From: TD
"We are going to Hawaii" WE?

That puts a different spin on it. There are several places on Lanai that private folks do everything from a true B&B to rent a bed in a converted garage. We do the garage route, you get a place to sleep and a hot (mostly) shower, hotplate, microwave, etc. Many of these also offer vehicles to rent. Neither are as cheap as you'd think they should be but not bad. Lanai is an expensive place just to exist. You'll pay $100 a day for a truck you often can see the road go by through the floorboards Gas right now is $5 or 6$ a gallon and (normally) only one gas station. Closes at 9pm. I have a list somewhere of folks who rent places, but if you go that route be on your best behavior, your most polite. You are literally a guest in someone else's home in a rural tightly knit community. You don't want to be the poster boy for 'flippin haole......... some of these relationships take years..... decades, to develop. Big mouth Jimmy Big Time or Rowdy might just..... go missing.....

But these places are not what most wives are thinking of WRT a trip to Hawaii.... to say the least. Although if willing and fiscally able it can be literally a 5 star trip/hunt. It's only money (lots and lots of it) but you can't take it with ya! Lanai is an awesome place. But it moves at it's own pace. Does things it's own ways. Settle in and enjoy it. Every rich jerk that comes along and buys the island seems to forget that real quickly, mostly when their mainland bean counters and lawyers they put in place take over.....

Maui is MUCH more logistically friendly. And very good hunting, they have everything Lanai has but mouflon and have feral goats and pigs that Lanai (theoretically) doesn't have. You can stay is a real nice somewhat reasonable resort or condo and get in day hunts here and there. Several private guides/outfitters available with access to private land, On Maui that's key as there is VERY little public land to hunt. Rodney has a good rep, I'd suggest Pat Fisher as well. Those are the main two guys on Maui.

Molokai has several private outfitters as well. That's still a bit of a rustic rural trip for most wives. Big Isle is logistically friendly like Maui, has mouflon, feral sheep, goats and pigs. But (theoretically) no axis deer. Those are my hot button honestly and only available in Maui County (Maui, Molokai, Lanai) Kauai has some great hunting, pigs, goats and even blacktail deer. Those deer I understand are a tough hunt. Jungle deer.

if you're staying on Oahu, may the Lord have mercy on your soul..... pretty much like every other urban hellhole on the planet.... IMO.... always too many rats in a cage....

From: Zebrakiller
Thanks for the input everyone

From: tthomas

I hunted with Mos Masicampo for deer. We were on a holiday and stayed at the Four Seasons and he just picked me up at the hotel. It was a holiday and I was able to sneak in a few days of hunting. He is a taxidermist and a good bowhunter. I don't know all the other HI options or what you are interested in but we were doing a sun/beach holiday and it worked just worked out to hunt a few mornings and then meet up with my wife and other friends who were holidaying there. Good luck.

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