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Archery elk in South Eastern Idaho
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fatbass 06-May-19
bullelk 11-May-19
From: fatbass
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. Looking to spend 3 weeks archery hunting elk this year in Idaho. I have been archery elk hunting for over 25 years, and prefer backpacking and bivouac style hunts. Right now both units 60 & 61 are strong contenders but I have never been in either unit. Any suggestions or help would be deeply appreciated. Looking for a unit that has some roadless remote country, with water, and a possible opportunity to get on some decent bulls. Thank you very much, Joe

From: bullelk
You will not find roadless wilderness in unit 60; any 3-4 mile hike will hit a road. Unit 61 has more back country opportunities, but it is big time grizzly territory. Keep that in mind. Be prepared to get your meat out in a day or you will probably lose it.

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