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Thermacells and Bears
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I am heading up with my 10 year old son in a week and a half to hunt with Golden Walley outfitters in Sask. I do not own a thermacell, but was advised by the outfitter to buy one at Cabelas when I arrive. Can anyone give me their experiences using a thermacell and hunting bears? I have a bug suit I used on a Quebec hunt a few years ago, but want to make sure we fight the insects as much as possible!

From: Ace
Bears have totally ignored them in my experience. Buy one for both you and your son, and a spare in case one breaks, And get plenty of pads and cartridges because if you run out you'll be sorry.

Best thing ever IMHO. If they cost $100 they'd still be a bargain. One of the very few things that work as well as all the hype suggests! Don't even hesitate!

Thank me later! Good luck.

From: Brotsky
One of the best inventions ever IMO! They simply work and I would not be without one.

From: Cobie33
I have used one and taken two in 7 black bear hunts, would not go without 2!

From: Elite 1
They are for sure a must have. They have an earth sent pad out. A lot of those bears know your there stomach over takes there brains

From: Nick Muche
The only thing better than using one thermacell while bear hunting is using TWO of them! I learnt that from a good friend, Mr. Pete in Fairbanks. I've noticed zero affect while bear hunting.

From: arky
Yea I forgot mine one time heading to the bait. Thought I’d try to fight through bc it was an hour and a half drive to my bait. I lasted about 5 min without it lol. That’s a lesson I’ll never forget!

From: Ben
Like Ace and the others said I would never bowhunt bears without one. My last Quebec bear hunt would have been unbearable (pun intended) without one. One sit I ran out of butane and before I could get it changed the black flies started on my legs and I was bleeding as I got refueled and going again.

From: Rob Nye
Get the holster also. In fact buy the units at home and pick up fuel and repellent in Saskatchatoon. (Not allowed to fly with butane). That way you know you have ‘em for sure. Get 2. You’ll be pouty if you lose your only one.

From: Dale06
I’ve arrowed multiple black bear and one brown bear, and had a thermocell running on all of them.

I really like the Thermacell but only use it very sparingly as needed. Your Thermacell scent will blow the same way as your scent so it can’t hurt any more but it definitely carries a unique smell. Also it can’t be good for us to inhale. Good luck all!

From: thedude
I have used my thermacel from the ground blind on black bear and grizzly hunts in AK. If they can smell it they can smell you so there is no reason not to use one. They are basically a combination of voodoo and kraut space magic

From: woodguy65
Buy 2, you’ll want one as a back up. You will have no problem while hunting BB over bait.

From: Shug
Bring one... it won’t make a difference to the bears... To quote BouBound...

“ not only do the bears already know you’re there... they know what you ate for breakfast “

From: Jeff Budik
I have been using since they were introduced with no noticeable negative impact on the bear activity or our success with killing mature boars. One of the few gear items I have purchased that has exceeded advertising claims and expectations. And yes I agree get two nothing else compares when it comes to bug protection.

From: Bou'bound
I can't imagine hunting spring bears in the bush without a thermacell. it was a game changer in terms of hunt enjoyment. sits used to be something to be endured. with thermacell they are something to be enjoyed.

From: dakotaduner
Would not bear hunt without one. Still enjoy the use of a bug suit, but the thermacell is a must when you just cant take the hoards of skeeters buzzing in your ears

From: carcus
This thread reminds me to load on in my pack, I love my thermacells for bear hunting! Or any hunting where mosquitoes are present

From: x-man
When ground hunting, I use three at the same time. I make a little semi-circle on my downwind side. I keep them within reach, that way I am 100% protected. My kids always got a kick out of watching the bugs hover around us like we were in an invisible bubble.

Hi Mike.. I hunted with Barry and crew the same week you are going in 2017.. We used the thermacell a couple of nights with good success.. We also didn't need it a few nights as it was cold, but I would definitely pack one along.. You will have a blast.. Good folks.. We are hunting with them again in 2020..

From: Mule Power
Spray your bug suit heavily with permethrin and you’ll find you can turn the Thermacell off for awhile.

From: Bentstick54
I have only been bear hunting once in Manitoba in 2008, used thermacell then and worked great. Greg , I booked for week 5/25/2020 after talking with you. What week are you going?

From: Bentstick54
Mike, can't wait to get a report and success photos. Good luck and keep us posted.

Thermacells are a MUST.. if the bugs are expected. I’ve had no issues to mention other than the wind had been in my favor. It’s a foreign smell to recluse bears for sure. The wind in your favor is a plus.

Have a great hunt !

From: 76aggie
Greatest invention of all time. Before they came out, I would be in a bug suit and be totally miserable. Now, I will walk to the stand with only a headnet and gloves to deter bugs. After the thermacell kicks in, I can even take off the headnet. Occasionally, I will use mine in the backyard while grilling in the summer. The smell of the thermacell always reminds me of bear hunting. A unique smell that I am sure the bears can smell but they know you are there anyway. IMO it does not bother them at all.

From: map1
Use them they work great but as stated above can't bring butane on airplane.

From: 76aggie
While we are on the subject of Thermacells, just fyi, you can buy the butane cartridges much cheaper in the ladies hair section of your local Wally World. A ladies heated hair curling iron butane cartridge is exactly the same cartridge used in Thermacells but a heck of a lot cheaper. I have heard you can also refill spent cartridges with a can of butane but I have never done that myself.

From: Bentstick54
Good to know Aggie. Thx, will check out the local Walmart.

From: DPowers
The only issue I had with a thermocell, was turning it on when a bear had snuck in behind me. When I hit that starter he took off like he was hit with a cattle prod . I'd sooner leave my bow home, than my thermocell.

From: Hookedspur
I’ve Bowhunters bears for close to 30 years and the thermocell is the greatest invention ever!!! I use two on a spring hunt. I off set them so when one card is burned out the other is still going till dark.

From: swampokie
A bear ate mine one nite in Colorado at a spike camp.

From: hdaman
I went from deet, bug suits, bug jackets, head nets, taping cuffs, still getting bitten and hoping for a bear well before dark to a t-shirt (weather permitting), and enjoying e very minute of the hunt. I use 2 and unwrap the pads ahead of time so that they can be replaced quietly.

From: stagetek
Don't leave home without one !!

From: TEmbry
I definitely don’t sit my baits without one. Incredible invention that makes time in the spring woods infinitely more enjoyable

From: Bow Bullet
Add me to the "wouldn't bear hunt without one" list. I've used both the regular pads and the earth scented pads. Doesn't seem to make any difference in how bears act. A few years ago my brother and I came up with the idea that they should make honey scented pads. Sent the idea to their customer service but it apparently didn't go anywhere.

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