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Wyoming Unit 60 - How bad are griz now?
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SteveB 10-May-19
Geeman 10-May-19
MTNRCHR 10-May-19
spike78 10-May-19
swampokie 10-May-19
Franklin 10-May-19
mtnview 10-May-19
Razorrick 11-May-19
Lone Bugle 12-May-19
SteveB 20-May-19
From: SteveB
I have a very good opportunity to hunt there near yellowstone next year and wondered just how bad it is there now? If I recall, lots of issues with grizzly in that unit??? Any input would be appreciated. I do hear good things about the elk quality though.....

From: Geeman
Are you a resident or a nonresident? If you are a nonresident, be sure to hire a guide (or have a resident licensed to take you into wilderness areas) as you can’t hunt any part of unit 60 without one

I hunted 61 last year. Lots of bears and they were pissy too.

From: spike78
Bring yourself a Glock 20!

From: swampokie
Just don’t forget ur not qualified to enter the wilderness without an escort by a qualified wyominger even tho u own the land. Arghhhh...

From: Franklin
As long as you don`t ring the dinner bell...(gun shot) you should be OK. Just follow your "bear country protocol".

From: mtnview
Hunted 60 last year. Based on low numbers of elk and high numbers of bears I find no reason to go back. The wardens who rode in spoke to the severity of the bear overpopulation and dramatic change to elk population.

From: Razorrick
Hunted last 2 years in 60. Different locations. Both years numerous beats. Last year wolves invaded our drainage and there were almost no elk. Beautiful country, great guides both years but no way I’m going back because of bear/wolves. The elk are few and far between.

From: Lone Bugle

Lone Bugle's embedded Photo
Lone Bugle's embedded Photo
I hunted 95 last year and there were bears. The only dinner bell you need to ring is the smell of blood in the air.

From: SteveB
Interesting....I appreciate the input! Sure wish they could kill off some of those grizzlies!!!

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