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Charlie Rehor's Link
In this Episode of the P&Y Podcast Zack interviews Jason Stafford, Ron Niziolek. They discuss DIY bow hunting and in the last 12 minutes Zack goes live to the Bowsite “Meet & Greet” where the guys raised $13,000 for the P&Y Club Conservation Fund. At the end Mark Watkins makes a huge contribution to the Fund. Big thanks to all the Bowsite crowd that participated. C

From: kota-man
Good stuff. I listened to that one right after the Pat and Charlie Show! Great job all the way around guys.

From: midwest
Like I said in the other thread, if it weren't for Bowsite, I doubt I'd be a member of P&Y. Now that I'm member, I'm proud to be a part of this great organization and make some donations to support their conservation, education, and outreach programs.

Great podcast with a couple of bowhunting studs!

Awesome podcast. Great job Zack and Jason!! and Bowsite!!! Shout out to Mark Watkins!!

From: Hawkeye
Great stuff guys and well done!!! Hats off to all of you:)

From: JTreeman
I listened to both episodes this weekend and also really enjoyed the episode with Frank Noska. Certainly a big thanks to Mark Watkins for the financial support of the club.

But also please don’t overlook the fact that Zack does all these podcasts with aboslutely no support, time or finances from any sponors or the club. Entirely on his dime and time, so a big thanks to Zack as well.


From: Brotsky
Still have this one queued up to listen to. The Pat and Charlie one was great, still looking forward to listening to this one!

Jim: You are spot on 100%! Zackman is a treasure to us all! It’s all about “the next in line” to keep our passion going strong!

From: No Mercy
Well done all!

From: iceman
Great job, fellas. Thank you for all of your work and dedication. Glad I was there to be a part of the last 12 minutes. Great time and got to meet plenty of great people.

From: wildlifex
A Big thank you to everyone involved, great job. Zack , Kathleen got a kick out of cutting your hair, way to take one for the team! John

From: Scoot
I've never met one of them and it's still abundantly clear those are 4 rock solid citizens.

Awesome... Ed F

From: Nick Muche
Excellent podcast once again, it's nice to listen to those you look up to talk about bowhunting! Great work as always, Zack!

Definitely will listen when I get a chance.

From: Bliz6
Another great one! Thanks guys!!

Very cool...

From: Rocky D
Excellent, all of you deserve loads of kudus... Zackman your are on top of my Bowsiters that I would love to meet.

From: Zackman
Thanks to everyone that listens to any and all of these podcasts. It is 100-percent an avenue to better promote the P&Y Club to new audiences. Please take a minute or two to tell your bowhunting friends about it.

The board at P&Y signed off on me starting this podcast and since none of us had any experience with podcasts, it was difficult to get started. After some phone calls to other bowhunters who ran podcasts, a lot of YouTube videos and several frustrating attempts at demo recordings, I have finally figured out enough to put out an acceptable program. Although the production value is pretty low, I try to make sure there aren’t a lot mistakes throughout.

At P&Y, communication director Rick Mowery has been very helpful with getting out the podcast to fellow P&Y members and giving me contact info for many important people. He has also helped with the contacting of several industry partners that we are going to start working with for the podcast, so a big thanks is deserving for Rick.

With the support of Pat and Charlie, we will be posting a link when new podcasts are available from P&Y. There are many topics we have lined up for episodes, but if there are any specific episodes you guys would like to hear, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has editing experience and wants to help out, please let me know :)

From: midwest
Would love to hear an interview with Willieboat!

He was on there already along with Nick and Jonah.

From: midwest
Found it, Hunter! Thanks!

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