1st horn growth of the year
Whitetail Deer
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Elite 1 13-May-19
APauls 13-May-19
JL 13-May-19
weekender21 13-May-19
sticksender 14-May-19
Shawn 14-May-19
Brotsky 14-May-19
From: Elite 1

Elite 1's embedded Photo
Elite 1's embedded Photo
Have 1st buck on camera anymore out there time for minerals what’s mineral licks are we using?

From: APauls
sweeeeet. And so it begins

From: JL
I had a cam vid from last week of a buck with a 1.5-incher nub.

From: weekender21
Showing a few inches in NC already.

From: sticksender
A couple days ago, and growing fast:

From: Shawn
I am seeing more like sticksender. Our bucks have pretty good growth right now! I am in NY and they are growing quick. Shawn

From: Brotsky
Saw a buck dead on the highway here in town a couple days ago that was going to be a stud. Had some great growth already with thick bases.

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