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Turkey Recipes
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JDM 15-May-19
midwest 15-May-19
hobbes 15-May-19
pointingdogs 15-May-19
BIGERN 15-May-19
JDM 16-May-19
Starfire 16-May-19
lewis 16-May-19
Twinetickler 16-May-19
Jims 17-May-19
HUNT MAN 17-May-19
From: JDM
I was fortunate to get a couple NE turkeys and am looking for a new way to fix them. The pastrami on another thread looked great but still need a recipe for it. Was thinking about wild turkey summer sausage or breakfast sausage but can't find anything on it either.

What are you guys doing with yours? Include recipes.

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Turkey Carnitas for the legs and thighs.

From: hobbes
Breast - I cut breast fillets in chunks across grain. I then soak in buttermilk fir several hours, dredge in seasoned flour, deep fry.

I've also grilled after cutting into strips across grain and marinating in whatever.

Recently I marinated in buffalo sauce, baked in oven, then coated in buffalo and served with blue cheese, celery, and carrot sticks. Here is what I do with legs, thighs, and wings to make them tender enough to fall off the bone. Place them in a Crock-Pot with chicken broth partially covering them and add some salt and pepper. Slow cook for 6 to 8 hours or until the meat will fall away from the bone and tendons. Separate meat from tendon and bone. It is tender enough to just? eat at this point, but I use in tacos or soup.

For soup, I use a Panera soup company chicken soup recipe found online.

For tacos, I cool the meat and cut/chop across the grain. I prefer corn tortillas for these. I add warmed meat, pico, avocado, cilantro, and Chilula to corn tortillas.

From: pointingdogs
Legs make the best soup ever. Breats: Turkey Broils wrapped in bacon on the grill, use a breast for Turkey salad sandwiches.


BIGERN's embedded Photo
BIGERN's embedded Photo
How about Turkey pot pies with celery seed crust? I make some every year,delicious but a huge pia to make. I found a recipe in the Betty Crocker cook book and work off of that each time.

From: JDM
BIGERN those look awesome!

From: Starfire
I like the breast pan fried like Hobbes. Fillet them thin cause they really plump up in the fry pan. I bread mine in "Shore Lunch". I pressure cook the legs and make turkey salad.

From: lewis
My wife’s turkey picatta is amazing Lewis

From: Twinetickler
We made the turkey burger from the other thread with the last one we killed, it was incredible! Lots of uses for it too!

From: Jims
Another way not mentioned above is smoked turkey. I marinate mine over night in the frig and then smoke the breasts in tin foil. One of my favorite toppings while smoking is adding honey to the top (similar to what I do to salmon). Every 1/2 hour I flip the breasts and add more honey and a little marinate. The tin foil, honey, and marinate tends to keep the breasts moist (which is super important).

This ^^^^. Has been my go to lately. I use a little brown sugar also

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