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Avian X merriams turkey decoys
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Cocoon Man 19-May-19
Timbrhuntr 19-May-19
Huntcell 19-May-19
pointingdogs 19-May-19
mrelite 20-May-19
Jims 21-May-19
From: Cocoon Man
I was going to pick up another hen decoy and I discovered that Avian X came out with Merriam turkey decoys this year. They have a Merriam combo consisting of an upright hen and a 1/4 strut jake. I hunt both Eastern and Merriams and presently have all Eastern decoys.

I was wondering if anyone has used the Merriams or has painted an Eastern decoy to more resemble a Merriam and noticed any better response? I have taken many Merriams using Eastern decoys, but since I was going to buy another hen for my set up was wondering if it would be worth it to get some Merriams for when I hunt out west or am I over thinking this.

Second question, I was looking at the Avian X decoys and noticed in the description that they allow for movement even in a slight wind but do not spin around in circles anyone running Avian x decoys that can comment on this feature? Presently I am using DSD and Flextones.

From: Timbrhuntr
If you are just looking to add another hen then go for it but if you are specifically buying the hen for the coloring I would pass . As far as avian x can't really comment never used them I would rather buy the original real deal DSD than a cheap chinese knock off. ;)

From: Huntcell

Checks in the mail !

From: pointingdogs
I'm like you, taken many Merriams with my eastern DSD decoys,

From: mrelite

mrelite's embedded Photo
mrelite's embedded Photo
I just used some white fingernail polish and turned my eastern Avian x decoys into Merriams, I can't say if it works better or not but I like them better.

From: Jims
I really don't think feather color matters a whole lot....anyway the turkeys I hunt. I've been using cream colored tail feathers for years with success for both merriams, rios, and crosses of both. I think there are a lot more important things than feather color for success. Decoy movement is definitely important! I have a couple avian x and they have a hollow tube that the stake fits into. They swivel and wobble a little in wind...but not a whole lot. I often use Miss Perfect. They have material that somewhat flutters in a breeze similar to feathers. They also fold up the size of a palm so are super light and compact for hauling around all day. Another thing I like about the MP decoys are you can turn the head to different positions. Even though Avian x deflate they still take up a sizeable spot in a pack. I can't imagine hauling full sized DSD's around all day long! As mentioned in a couple posts you can always paint tail feathers or add real ones to decoys. I really don't worry about it!

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