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May 21, 2019 Colorado Snow Report
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cnelk 21-May-19
Glunt@work 21-May-19
Brun 21-May-19
From: cnelk

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May 21, 2019 - Colorado - Current snowpack report > see link

Scroll down to find your closest river basin

From: Glunt@work

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I like the effects but I hope this morning is the last I see for a few months at my place.

From: Brun
It's pretty crazy, but the numbers on the SNOTEL aren't really valid at this time of year. If you look closely you will see that more than 50% of sites aren't reporting in most of the drainages. If you look at the asterisk next to the total basin index in all but three of the river basins it admits that the analysis may not provide a valid measure of actual conditions. In the other 5 drainages the numbers are greatly inflated. I just spoke with an official at the Bureau of Reclamation about the Gunnison and it's actually figured to be about 150% of average, not the 283% listed on Snotel. It's a very big snow year, but the numbers shown for the North and South Platte, White, Yampa and Laramie drainages are the only accurate ones, and all the other drainages are in the same neighborhood.

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