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New Bows
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bighorn 22-May-19
Bowhuntpig! 22-May-19
ELKMAN 22-May-19
smarba 22-May-19
Scoot 22-May-19
standswittaknife 22-May-19
From: bighorn
When do the 2020 Bows come out?

From: Bowhuntpig!
Usually after a big marketing campaign for this first of it's kind legendary one.

They will upgrade it just like the RX3 version of the RX1 and it's the best for that season.

So usually around the end of the first month to the end of the second month after september.

Hope that was understandable.

October 2020

From: smarba
Coming to you October 2020: It's the smoothest, fastest, quietest, coolest, costliest bow brand X has EVER produced! Forget everything you ever thought you knew about bows, this one is A REAL GAME CHANGER...

they need to make longer ata to get me happy again. The industry lost me about a decade ago or so.

From: Scoot
Me too Straight Arrow.

Smarba, will these smoother, faster, quieter, cooler, coolest bows kill 'em deader than the 2019 models did??? I bet they will and it will definitely be a game changer!

I went out and bought a used Elite at 35" because of the ata... Still a little short but I got a good deal. I currently shoot a bowtech prodigy at 32" ata and looking forward to a longer bow...

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