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Colorado Unit 61
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From: MedicineMan
My uncle has been stashing back preference points now for 27 years I believe, with the intensions all along of putting in for Unit 61 as it was at that time the premier trophy unit. His plan was to cash in next year after he retires so he can spend as much time as he wants where ever he ends up drawing. With the amount of points he's sitting on, I'd think he could pick about any tag he wanted to. That being said, would there be a better option for him to go to for a trophy bull or is 61 still a top pick?

From: sticksender
That would not be my first choice with that many points. I would bow hunt one of the NW corner units. Be aware as a NR that one or two points one way or the other can make a major difference in the ability to draw. If he will have 28 going into 2020, he may be able to draw any of those 3 best units for bow season.

From: JohnMC
I would agree I would pick 2 or 201 if I could. With that said if he has been looking at 61 for that many years and has always wanted to hunt it that is a good reason to go there. He will have a great hunt in any of them. They are different types of hunting also. He may prefer one style to the other. If killing a really big bull is most important opposed to just killing a big bull he should head to the northwest corner.

From: cnelk
Has he hunted elk before?

I scouted that unit while hunting GMU 62 for a decade until I figured out I'd never get enough points.

From: Beachtree
Had a friend last year drew 61 rifle tag he saw more hunters than elk . He waited 13 years for tag. Year before another friend drew archery 61 he hunted hard no luck both guys were residents of Colorado

From: fubar racin
Had a friend draw 61 2 years ago after spending quite a bit of time scouting he turned it back in.

From: Glunt@work
I hunted it a few years ago and had a lot of fun. It's a step down from 2, 201 & 10 for size and pressure. Lots of non elk hunting pressure. ATVers, turkey hunters, bear hunters, firewood cutters, cowboys, etc. Had a few nights where you couldn't count to 20 without hearing a bugle. I would hunt unit 2 because I like the country. Next choice would be 201.

From: Brun
I tagged along with a friend in 61 three years ago and we had a great time with almost constant action. With that said I agree with everyone else that he has a better chance at a big bull in the northwest corner. He probably has enough points for any tag, but as someone already mentioned there are so few non-resident tags that you never know what might happen. Unit 10 usually takes a couple less points and I personally like it best. He will have have a great hunt in any of the three. Good luck!

Definitely 2 or 201 Jake...27 points should get it

From: Treeline
Check the stats when they come out. 201, 2, or 10 in that order. Hope he has a great hunt!

From: Huntcell

From: Pop-r
61 is a JOKE! DO NOT BURN 27 pts. THERE!

From: MedicineMan
Thanks for all the input. He has hunted a lot in Colorado over the years for mulies and elk and has had lots of success, but has not hunted much in the last 7 or 8 seasons. He's still undecided as to which season he wants to hunt as well so we shall see what direction he ends up going. Appreciate all the help.

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