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Booking Flight to Alberta 2020 BlackBear
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Hancock West 23-May-19
Trial153 23-May-19
Hancock West 23-May-19
Hancock West 24-May-19
milnrick 25-May-19
Ibow 25-May-19
From: Hancock West
Im looking into flights to canada for spring of 2020. When should I start looking to book flights? It seems flight have varied from $400-$1200 over the last year. Thanks for any advice you might have.

From: Trial153

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From: Hancock West
Ive read order 220 days out, ive also heard tuesday mornings are best...

From: Hancock West
Any more guys flying to canada?

From: milnrick
Millie and I have flown into Alberta 4 or 5 times over the years on the way to Dorintosh SK. We flew into both Calgary (1x) and Edmonton.

Edmonton became our prefered point of entry because the airport and TSA/Customs were very traveler (hunter) friendly along with hotels.

We flew United each time without a hitch, booking flights "about" 90 days before our planned departure dates. Additionally, we made the trips with one stop each time. San Antonio - Houston - Edmonton and Nashville - Denver - Edmonton.

As for pricing - we found that booking the flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday seemed to mske a difference by a few bucks. Also, if youre using miles consider flying "out" of your home area on a Friday rather than the weekend. It saved us a bunch of miles.

Hope this helped.

From: Ibow
I’ve flown to Winnipeg, MB & Edmonton, Alberta many times and I generally start looking 4 months ahead and usually purchase around 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 months out.

One thing we did was give up the Cabelas Visa and went to an American Express Delta Skymiles card to rack up as many miles/points as possible. It really helps a lot as we generally fly each year to Los Angeles (our son lives there), to Winnipeg and in the winter to Fort Myers. We pay very little for these tickets by using our points from that AMEX card.

If you’re not going til 2020, you’ve got lots of time to do the same. We put everything we can on that card and never keep a balance or pay any interest.

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