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Info about Unit 15 bow hunt
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From: Amberjack255
My friend and I drew unit 15 second week bow hunt. Was wondering if anyone has any info on unit. To help with our trip as we are from Ohio. Even if anyone may know a local guide in the unit 15 area. Appreciate any feed back. Thanks, Josh

From: Scoot
NM I assume?

From: Dogman
A3 NM. Ryan Nogosek, I wouldn’t wait to call him.

Just stay away from where I’ll be hunting! ?? Heading there from MN for the same hunt.

From: Brotsky
Congratulations on drawing a great tag. If you are clueless I would hire a guide, you may go many, many years without seeing that tag again. If you have hunted elk before and have experience elk hunting there's no need. There's plenty of tools out there to help you find what you're looking for in 15.

From: LINK
15 isn’t what it used to be. With muzzle loaders that shoot 500 yards it’s turned into an over prescribed gun unit. That said it’s still a decent unit with a good number of average bulls. You should have a good time as long as you go in with realistic expectations. I wouldn’t pass on a 270”-280” type bull in that unit.

From: KY EyeBow
I hunted the first season(Sept 1-10) right at 10 years ago with Perry Hunsaker as it was my first elk hunt. Waterholes/tanks are where all the elk were killed that week. If memory serves me, I believe our group went 6 or 7/10 that time. I'd love to hunt that Unit again but as others have said, it is very difficult to draw that tag now. Good luck!

You do not have to settle for a 270-280 bull in there. All that does is saves the 350's for someone else. There is whatever you want in Unit 15 I promise.

From: LINK
There is whatever you want in most otc units in Colorado, doesn’t mean they are behind every tree. I’ve hunted 15 twice for a combined 25 days, laid eyes on probably 30 bulls. I haven’t seen one that would sure enough break 330” maybe even “320. Are there a few there,sure. Don’t shoot a 270” if you don’t want but I’d be hard pressed to pass anything that might approach 300” in that unit. An outfitter is a different game, they have months to find the 350s not days. With the wolves and new long range muzzle loaders 15 isn’t what it used to be. Best of luck to you guys with tags, 15 is a good hunt, just go in with realistic expectations.

From: Franklin
Wolves?? Isn`t this thread about Unit 15 in New Mexico. I`m confused.

From: Quinn @work
There’s wolves in NM 15. They were in 16a too where we hunted.

From: LINK
I had a pack of 5 come by me during my hunt in 2012. They were howling outside my tent the night before. I couldn’t hear them with my earplugs in but my budy said they were making some weird guttural growly howls.

They are Mexican Gray wolves. Smaller than northern ones. But bigger than a Coyote.

From: Red Sparky
Not sure waterholes or tanks will work this year with the monsoons we have been getting.

As far as the wolves go they are called Mexican not New Mexican-----get them out of NM and AZ!

From: LINK
The Mexican wolves probably don’t get many adult elk but on my cow hunt in 2014 it seams very few cows had fawns. My brother and I both shot dry cows and weren’t intentionally trying to do so.

From: Red Sparky
You would be surprised. A pack will chase a herd of elk until they can hamstring one. Imagine 5 German Shepherd size animals running down an elk. I think if elk get harassed enough the cows may self abort a fetus due to stress.

My problem is look at what has happened up north. Lawsuits get filed so the wolf population gets out of control before anything can be done about it. Governmental mismanagement at its best. The same problem is happening in NV, Ruidoso and Placitas with wild horses.

Quit putting money into the wolves, call it a wash and see if they will survive or die on their own. They have been trying to reintroduce them for over 20 years. Darwinism at it's best.

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