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Nevada 033 Archery Antelope
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Mark 26-May-19
Jims 26-May-19
Greg S 26-May-19
Mark 27-May-19
From: Mark
Drew 033 , any information would be appreciated. Drew California Sheep there several years ago, so have some knowledge of area. Thanks

From: Jims
Bring lots of water, spare tire/s, and be ready for some hot days without any shade! Temps could be in the 90's and 100's that time of year!

From: Greg S
I drew 11. 33 was first choice and 11 was second choice. Probably be going the second week of the season.

From: Mark
033 was my only choice, I had 20 points been putting in there exclusively for awhile. Saw some really nice lopes when I was hunting sheep there. Hope to have the whole season off. Thanks for the reply's.

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