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Bear Meat in the Cooler
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I took a black bear on May 20th in Manitoba. The bear was skinned on the morning of the 21st. I cut and bagged the meat and it went into a cooler, then in a freezer. When I left MB on Thurs. 23rd, the meat was partially frozen. I kept the meat in a good cooler constantly on ice for the trip home. Stopped and stayed with my son in KS for a few days. Got home on 5/26 and put the meat in the freezer. For those with similar experiences, is the meat still good or are there any concerns?

From: Bou'bound
You’re good

From: BowHiker
The meat will definitely still be safe as long as internal temps didn't get above 40 degrees. Each time meat is frozen you lose moisture in the meat and it kills cells. Bottom line you lose some flavor each time thawed and refrozen and can lose texture, but meat is still good.

From: Handle
It’s good. If not the smell will tell you pretty darn quick.

From: Snuffer
Meat probly ok as far as bear meat goes...

From: APauls
It's better then when you left. Honest opinion.

From: Zebrakiller

From: Wishedhead
Damn that bear meat is good!!!!! Nothin like a big thick bear burger on a bed of coals basted with sweet baby rays and a slice of pepper jack!!!!

Update: Had bear K-Bobs this weekend. Delicious. Better than most venison I've had.

From: TrapperKayak
Bear is an omnivore, and eats less meat than it does other stuff depending on the time of year. It (for me) was delicious - the one I got was young. Breakfast sausage, and roasts are my favorite.

From: Outdoorsman
Best game meat there is, when handled properly!

Outdoorsman, I am thinking that more and more. I feel kinda guilty when I think that it may be better than elk and moose. Though elk and moose back strap and tenderloin are pretty dang good!

Rattling_junkie, I also felt like I was betraying venison by liking bear meat so much. My mind is thinking of the delicious meals to come.

From: Dale06
Glad you guys like eating bear. First one I arrowed in the 1980s, was baited with pastries and fish. Wife tried to cook a roast. Stunk up the whole house. She said “don’t ever bring any of that sh*t in the house again.” I haven’t.

From: skipmaster1
Bear is one of my favorite meats.

Ya, feeding bear fish doesn't help! My wife and kids tell me the opposite. So, I guess I'll keep bear hunting, it's a tough life.

From: Snuffer
Shot a bear last year and had no trouble giving it all away....

From: Fuzzy
it's fine...

From: JusPassin
Should be just fine. A fine game meat.

From: Shortstop
Simple....if you want good bear meat, dont shoot dump or fish bears. It's part of the hunt selection process.

From: fubar racin
I have a buddy that turns all his bears into Italian sausage and uses it on pizza, best pizzas Iv ever had for sure!

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