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Elk eats a goose! Really!
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From: SteveB

SteveB's Link
I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it!

From: Ucsdryder
That elk was an asshole!

From: midwest
Plenty of sky carp to go around....they need to eat more!

From: sticksender
Crazy. Don't think the elk ever did actually eat it though. Chews on its leg one last time around 14:00 then walks away.

There is a video floating around of a deer eating a baby bird, pretty gross.

From: APauls
Seen that. Not as uncommon as we might think apparently. Recently saw one where a hippo saves some kind of antelope from wild dogs, the thing jumps in the mud where the hippo is. A little while later the hippo bites and thrashes it and throws it out of the mud back to the dogs. I'm sure the tree huggers would use the first half of the video to say animals just love each other etc etc.

From: Matt
I saw a cow elk eat a chipmunk once.

The male goose is an absolute fearless's snowfakes should take s few lessons about fatherhood from that ole boy!!

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Huntcell 's embedded Photo

Huntcell 's Link
From article.

“This is the first time scientists have observed deer eating human flesh, though they have been known to turn carnivorous in the past, eating fish, dead rabbits, and even live birds.”

Deer may pursue flesh because they lack minerals like phosphorous, salt, and calcium, especially in the winter months when plant life is scarce.

From: ohiohunter
I’ve heard of deer eating gut piles.

From: Ambush
I had a deer eat my tag so I wouldn’t have to.

I’ve seen deer lick blood off the leaves from other deer. I’ve seen them lick up my snuff spit too. I figure they are like all other creatures that live in the wild. They crave salt and minerals at certain times of the year. Doesn’t matter where they get it either. If it’s available, they are going to get it. Ever been around mommy cows in summer that haven’t been salted enough that year? They’ll literally tear your truck to pieces looking for it.

From: Genesis
Friend watched a squirrel eat a baby blue jay

From: yooper89
I’ve seen videos of deer eating tweetie birds on several occasions.

From: Huntiam
I’ve hung a ton of cameras over but piles and almost always besides crows and buzzards .. the first animal to visit it will be another deer..

From: SlipShot

SlipShot's Link
Goose drowns a seagull that goes after goslings

From: Zbone

Zbone's embedded Photo
Zbone's embedded Photo
Cool video, thanks for sharing...

Tell ya what, I wouldn't have wanted to be out in that field, that elk was determined...8^)

Yeah, there's videos and photos of deer eating baby birds, and rabbits like posted, and I've personally seen deer nibble on gut piles....

From: SteveB
So I guess it really isn’t Disney Land out there in the real world then? :)

From: Highlife
No Steve it's sadly not. Lol

From: GF
I watched a Cobb Swan eat an entire nest of goose eggs one afternoon; and it has long been documented that elk will nip the wings off of unfledged songbirds when they find them.. There’s a fair amount of calcium in those little wings. You’ll notice at the beginning of that video clip, that the cow was engaging with an adult bird of some sort… The bird was obviously trying to draw the cow’s attention away from its nest, and the cow was actively searching out fledglings…

I guess old Uncle Walt got a few things wrong, eh?

From: SteveB
I think uncle Walt forgot reality!

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