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WY Elk 1 under max Help
Contributors to this thread:
coelker 27-May-19
Treeline 28-May-19
Ron Niziolek 29-May-19
coelker 30-May-19
Jaquomo 30-May-19
sticksender 30-May-19
Treeline 30-May-19
From: coelker
So I am needing to cash in my WY elk points next year. I am one under max for elk and am looking at my best NR options. Archery preferred, we are moving to Lander so closer to lander would be better. I was originally hoping for Ferris Mountain, but I am a long ways out on Ferris. So I am looking for my options of better hunts units that will be 100% with 1 under.

Any suggestions?

From: Treeline
I’m jealous. Yes, I have a few options to consider. Will send you a pm.

From: Ron Niziolek
PM sent.

From: coelker
Thanks guys. I am getting together a short list of units from all my responses. Once I compiled that list I will begin looking at access and ownership issues, etc. Trim the list down to my top 3 then ask again.

From: Jaquomo
Coelker, I think you should split your points with me (I have 2), we'll hunt a good lower point unit, and I will call for you until you get a good bull!

From: sticksender
For those of us staying NR, 1-under is probably the best position to hold. Max points OTOH is a curse, kind of, since it keeps you waiting in the wings for something you'll probably never get, instead of going elk hunting. Of course you'll be way better off as a res in the future.

From: Treeline
Lou has a good option!

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