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required arrow spine
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sasquatch 29-May-19
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sasquatch 29-May-19
trophyhill 02-Jun-19
From: sasquatch
Ive been intrigued by the simmons tree shark heads and would like to test run some on hogs and see if id then use for elk.

they 190 grain heads and I shoot a bowtech experience at 29" draw. 65-70lbs. I shoot .300 spine now but feel it probably wont be enough? Maybe need .250s?

From: fubar racin
I shoot 150 up front @73 pounds and have shot 200 with no problem using 300 spine day 6 arrows. Not sure about how or if spine ratings change from manufacturer to manufacturer though.

From: ohiohunter
Shoot it, test it, maybe maybe not.

From: Ucsdryder
You’re close. If you don’t have a heavy insert you might be ok. Especially with the ability to yoke tune. Cutting your arrows short will help too.

From: ElkNut1
You should have no issues, is your finish arrow length closer to 28" not including head?


From: sasquatch
Paul, maybe so I cant remember. Ill have to check when I get back home. I want to say the arrows are cut 29" alone but maybe not. I def do use a basic light insert though.

From: trophyhill
I have a 29" draw. My arrows are cut 28-1/8" from throat of nock to end of carbon.

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