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2xLung 29-May-19
Huntcell 29-May-19
IdyllwildArcher 30-May-19
BULELK1 30-May-19
Treeline 30-May-19
altitude sick 30-May-19
From: 2xLung

2xLung's Link
Found this link tonight. Felt it was good enough to share.

From: Huntcell
Great link good info .

One can go on various game and fish websites and do there goat ID test

I believe Alaska and Montana have such. Utah might also

Good vid. It's really not that tough once you see them. The horn mass gives them away. If you're wondering, than you have your answer. A big billy jumps out at you as a huge beast.

Good link, thanks for posting it.

+1 Iddy------> those mature Billies certainly do stand out.

Good luck, Robb

From: Treeline
Definitely a good, educational video. I am sure I will watch it again before October when I head up the hill! Thanks for posting, 2x!

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