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Volunteering Search-n-Rescue
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'morning All,

Not sure what Forum to put this under so here I go.

The weather has been terrible and wet but I did a long morning volunteering like so many others did too.

I wasn't up there when they finally found the little 5 years old girl.

See my link above.

Very sad, Robb

If they’d let me at that POS, He’d be begging for the death penalty instead of negotiating to take it off the table. How can people do this to children?

From: fubar racin
Iv volunteered with search and rescue efforts before and have been a volunteer firefighter for the past 10 years it’s sick how broken some people can be! Some things can never be unseen and unlived. Praying for that little girls family.

I wasn’t ambivalent about stories like this before I had kids, but I didn’t have the same primal urges that I do today.

A five year old, little girl ?!?

I’m with Justin. I can only hope he gets a warm welcome in prison... treated like family.

Thank you for your efforts Robb.

From: JL
Good on you for doing SAR. It can bring happy times and sad times.

"He had been on probation and making progress but began missing appointments at the beginning of the year and dropped out of touch in April, a probation agent said in court documents."

I believe at that point the police should have been looking for him for probation violation. It's after the fact, but I wonder why they did not get him off the street?

From: Inshart
Prayers to the family.

When I hear of these types of predatory acts, it sickens my heart as I can't help but wonder what the poor little girl endured the last minutes / hours of her life.

Agree with Justin - sometimes the criminal justice system just isn't enough for someone like that, especially when he starts with the poor me BS "had a difficult childhood" .... "I sometimes blackout after drinking alcohol".

Some of the torture documented by Indian tribes to their captors sounds about right for this guy.

From: Jaquomo
No, the "alcohol" didn't make him do it. But he is right that there's evil in the world, thanks to sick f#*ks like him. Hopefully he'll enjoy his life in prison, because there are a lot of evil men in there who love their little daughters....

We were just kidding about taking the death penalty off the table.

From: midwest
Killin's too good for some people.

Actually general population in big time maximum security prison would likely be a pretty fitting punishment short of a death sentence. As others have noted he will spend whatever life he has left in hell on earth there.

From: Boris
Stake him out on top of a mountain with lighting rods attached to him.

I will admit it was different actually being there and part of the volunteer groups than it is watching the news at home or reading the news paper about it.

Thanks for your comments, Robb

From: badguybuster
I did Mounted S&R for several years. Can be hard to handle it

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