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Mavenbuilt S.2 Spotting Scope
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jbrownlow 30-May-19
elkstabber 30-May-19
Kurt 30-May-19
From: jbrownlow

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I'm looking at the new Maven s.2 spotting scope (link attached). They have a presale going on right now to get one for $200 off, $750 total price. Curious if anyone has tested one or has any thoughts? 27x max zoom, supposed to be a compact spotting scope for better packing. I don't currently have a spotting scope and thought this might be a good entre. I do currently have the maven b.1 10x42s and i have been incredibly happy with them.

From: elkstabber
I really try to watch the weight of my gear for backcountry hunts but I just don't see the value of this spotter. It's nice that it only weighs 34 oz but you're going to put it on a tripod that'll weigh 45 oz. This spotter's 27x magnification seems like it wouldn't serve much purpose. I'd suggest that first you mount your current binos on a good tripod. You'll appreciate the binos even more on a tripod. Then, if you're still looking for a spotter get a more standard 65mm model with 50-60x magnification, which will be a good complement to 10x binos. The 65mm size is the most popular for good reason, and only weighs about 50-60 oz. I've carried big spotters and little spotters and have settled on the 65mm as the best overall size.

Keep in mind that spotters are really only used if you're picky about the age/size of the animals.

From: Kurt
For a light scope I like my Nikon ED50 with the 13-30X eyepiece. It weighs 24 ounces, is really short and optically is very good. I've digiscoped with the Nikon and iPhone 7 and the results are decent. Price is likely in the same range as the Maven. No comment on the Maven, just throwing out another option that might suit you.

My Nikon sees way less use than my Swaro 20-60x65 and is a step down in all regards except carrying weight.

I agree with elkstabber above on scopes. On tripods I find a 28 ounce Slik Sprint Pro II with the factory ball head (center pipe extension removed) to be an adequate backcountry tripod for sitting use, mainly for sheep and caribou. You can stand behind it in a pinch, but it is too light for fully extended use. Around the truck or quad I use a much heavier Manfrotto/Bogen combo that works very well but probably weighs 8#s.

Good luck!

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