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Colorado tags
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8point 30-May-19
Fauntleroy 30-May-19
Sivart 04-Jun-19
otcWill 04-Jun-19
Wapiti Chaser 04-Jun-19
From: 8point
Does Colorado offer any Black Powder OTC tags after April. I know you have to apply by unit, and wasn’t sure if any are under-subscribed. I had shoulder surgery and expected to be able to hunt with my bow this fall, but as of yet, I can’t even pull my bow back. If everything isn’t good by July 1, I don’t feel I’ll have time to get tuned in enough to hunt. Since I couldn’t know how difficult it was going- to be, I didn’t even consider BP. I’d love to donate $661 but I will just go as a caller if all else fails.

From: Fauntleroy
Should be a few leftover tags. Did you apply for preference points or any other tags this year? If so, did you check the leftover draw option when you applied? If yes than you'll have pick of the litter for leftover tags minus the returned tags essentially by July. If not than you'll still have a shot at some great muzzy tags starting in August.

From: Sivart
Does anyone know when CO will mail out the NR elk tags?

From: otcWill
June 15-30 licenses in mail

I applied only for a deer point this year and my buddy did the same , he said he received his point and small game license in the mail weeks ago I haven’t seen anything yet ? Last year I drew a tag and it never came , I had to call to have a replacement sent. Should I call about the point and small game license or is it too early?

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