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Small Diameter arrows that important?
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Treeline 02-Jun-19
From: 92dawg
Guys, I'm trying to get set up for elk and need opinions on arrow setup...I shoot a PSE Evolve 35 set at 65lbs and a 29.5 inch draw. I have a new set of 300 spine 5mm FMJ's that weigh 520 grains with a 125 grain head, and they seem to fly just ok....but they are so heavy that I can't get the FOC I'd like to have. I also have a half dozen Gold Tip Pro Hunters that would come in at 470 grains if I added a 50 grain insert along with a 125 grain head, and result in an FOC around 14-15%. I'd honestly prefer the latter setup but all the buzz is around better penetration with small diameter arrows...does it really make that much of a difference? Thanks in advance for your thoughts-

From: ohiohunter
I wouldn’t let shaft diameter deter you from building your most confident arrow. If you want the foc then get it. Basically shoot the arrow you have most confidence in, all the finer details will not be a deciding factor if you put a good shot on an elk. Don’t forget guys kill elk with wood shafts and aluminum logs, 0.010” diameter ain’t gonna matter.

From: JTreeman
Exactly that ^^^


From: 3dvapor
I shot the pierce platinum from gold tip for a couple seasons and i wasnt impressed. Both bulls i shot with them the arrow snapped on impact. One bull was facing and the other broadside shoulder. I noticed something similar hitting a log at a 3d shoot. I went back to easton accs.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you prefer the latter, and they fly good, then shoot the latter. BTW, for someone with a 26” DL, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for someone concerned with penetration that has a 29 1/2” DL. ;-). You’ll be just fine.

From: Franklin
For my entire bowhunting duration I have shot bigger diameter aluminum arrows and have never had any of these so called "penetration issues".

IMO it`s so minute I would be willing to use the term "myth". A small diameter does have it`s benefits in certain situations like wind but

From: Matt
Shoot what you feel comfortable with. Guys were killing game with no problems for decades before FOC was even a thing. Internet mental masturbation...

From: dingo
My experience has been that heavier arrows have better penetration... smaller diameter have less drift in the wind. Shoot in a variety of conditions, positions, and clothing so you have confidence in your ability.

From: Ermine

Ermine's embedded Photo
Ermine's embedded Photo
I think the small diameter arrows do preform better in windy conditions. Not all hunting occurs in the wind but out here in the west, wind does occur

From: trophyhill
I would think at your draw length, a 340 spine arrow would be the ticket. I too shoot 29-1/2" draw length and shoot 340's.....

“Internet mental masturbation”.......Ha. :) That is classic, Matt!

As for the arrow what others have suggested.....shoot what performs well for you. Heck, my first bull was shot with a 2514 log and had no issues with performance.

From: 92dawg
Thanks gents...think I might have some FMJ Pro's up for sale soon... Trophyhill, what grain broadhead are you shooting? I shoot 340's in the Hunter XT for deer with a 100grain head. I just assumed with 175 up front I'd need to go stiffer.

From: Owl
I don't even weigh or calculate my arrow weight, anymore. Heretical as that sounds, it is a rather institutionalized detail, now. If I get nerdy about anything these days, it's going to be grading.

From: trophyhill
92, gotcha, I use 100 gr heads for everything.

I agree with Franklin on this

From: ElkNut1
It really doesn't matter much as hunters! Like others I've taken elk with about everything, all do their intended job.

I use the VAP small diameter shafts these days with 200 grains up front because I want to not because I need to. They're tough as hell & they supply me with the personal confidence I need.


Way over thinking it. You will kill with either. Shoot the one you like better. I’ve killed a few elk in the with 418 grain gold tip pro hunters with no issues

From: Treeline
Killed plenty of elk with 425 grain regular diameter arrows. Also with the old skinny carbons, cedar, fiberglass, and tapered carbon shafts.

With 55-70# longbows...

Pretty sure whatever broadhead and arrow setup that you can get to fly well out of your bow will be more than enough for elk.

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