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From: BBB

BBB's embedded Photo
BBB's embedded Photo
First time bear hunting and the bear only comes out at night and eats all that's in the barrel. Any suggestions

From: spike buck
Hunt mornings

I assume your title means baiting but feed lots of volume and variety and don’t hunt it till he shows daylight pics, then hunt it carefully. Might take awhile...

Mikes advice above is the best you can get. He posted that here over about 8 years ago and it changed the way I hunt bears. Thanks Mike. Hunt

From: sitO
Choke up

From: Scar Finga
How about putting out a few trail cams, find his travel routes and where he goes and then shoot him from the ground while he is in route???? Oh Never Mind, do what Mike said!

Haha, Thanks Hunt man and Scar finga! I only learned this because we had bait sites in our rotation that had night time bears so we simply didn't hunt them because we had lots of other good choices, eventually more bears showed up, got some competition going and then the target bear would show up in daylight. If we hunted it and he went back to night time then we left it alone again. Now admittedly some big boars took 3-4 years to kill, that's why my cryptic, Might take awhile... Also for us a purely April/May night time boar will never become a daylight hitter until the rut in June. Or until the next year when he claims the bait right out of the den.

From: Box Call 11
Years ago,some bowhunters I knew always bear hunted in WaWa ,Ontario.back when any bait was legal.always waited till the bears started coming into the rotten meat and maggots.the big boys loved that combination.they usually scored a good sized boar.

From: Rutnrod1995
I would try some Northwoods Gold Rush, it mixes with old fryer grease. If that doesn't work, feed in small amounts, bring it in with you, take it when you leave. Leave just enough behind to allow them to nitpick and realize that they need to get there earlier if they want some food. Look forward to some updates.

Keep it simple, corn and fryer oil, but use lots and don't hunt until it's being hit for 3 weeks, then go in with a good wind and kill your bear. I learned this from some very accomplished bowhunters. It works for us and we generally only need to hunt 1-3 days to shoot a 7' plus and 19" plus bear.

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